May 22, 2012

ER: Clooney doesn’t want to be? ER Episodes Online

052212 1114 ERClooneydo1 ER: Clooney doesnt want to be?He wants to be famous, he wants to be appreciated, but there is one thing which he surely never wants to be!
Well, the moment I will unveil this concealed opinion of ER episodes star George Clooney, you will be stunned!
The star, who enthralled everyone with his mesmerizing performance in the medical drama series of NBC, has recently come out with a secret long held with him.
I like the way you leave all your hustle-bustle behind, and pay you entire attention to each of the words written by me!
I will surely live up to your expectations, and you would certainly not find me making a mountain out of a molehill.
Well, does anyone of you have an idea about why the actor doesn’t want to get married yet again?
Perhaps the 50-year-old actor has clinched to the passion for his career so much that he doesn’t really seem to bother about other social affairs.
Not only this, but our talented star also don’t want to be a father anyway.
That wasn’t expected of course!
Now, if you are wondering about the reason, then let me tell you that for George, his ultimate priority is his career, and not any other thing.
He believes that if he ever becomes a father, he would not be able to commit himself to his kids, and therefore he doesn’t want to deprive his children of fatherly love.
I don’t know whether to appreciate his stance, or feel pity for him.
There is no second thought in admitting the fact that the actor has committed himself to his profession, and therefore has earned a name for himelf, but do you think that putting his own personal life at stake for a professional career is a right act?
I surely don’t want to impose my opinion, but of course we can have exchange of thoughts over this, at least!
Well, at last I would only want to say, May George rises as much in her personal domain as he did in the professional sphere.