Apr 6, 2009

The 15 Best Horror Movies of 2009

#15: The Unborn
In what is probably no match for It's Alive or the vat of bile known as The Suckling, The Unborn is David S. Goyer's (Blade: Trinity, The Invisible) latest foray into the world of the macabre. When a young pregnant woman (Odette Yustman) starts to slowly become possessed by the entity inside of her, all kinds of eerie revelations and horrific truths are unearthed. Despite the flick being rated PG-13, Goyer is smart enough to cast screen greats like Gary Oldman and Jane Alexander alongside fresher talent like drop dead lookers Megan Goode and Carla Gugino. The Unborn is delivered January 9, 2009.

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#14: My Bloody Valentine 3-D
Bludgeoning audiences on January 16, 2009 - a three dimensional remake of 1981 slasher classic My Bloody Valentine by editor-turned-director Patrick Lussier (The Prophecy 3:The Ascent) is one of the first to hit us all in the new year. When a man (Jansen Ackles) returns home two decades after a Valentine's Day massacre took place, he finds himself implicated in the madness as he tries to save a past flame (Jaime King) from being spiked by a maniacal miner. The movie also features Kerr Smith , Edi Gathegi, and Andrew Larson all trying to avoid a broken bloodied heart.

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#13: The Uninvited
With a title used about a dozen prior times in Hollywood, those who might assume this a remake of the classic 1944 ghost story is sorely mistaken. A remake it is however, only of Kim Ji-Woon's 2003 film South Korean specter spin A Tale of Two Sisters, which actually boasted an international R-rating (or equivalent of). This PG-13 offering from the British brothers Guard (Thomas and Charles), their debut feature certainly boasts greater acting talent than most horror flicks, including David Strathairn and Elizabeth Banks. The Uninvited infiltrates theaters in January 30, 2009.

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#12: Friday the 13th (Remake)
Michael Bay's remake machine Platinum Dunes is poised to bring back one of the largest icons of cinematic homicide - Jason Voorhees. With the predictable February 13th, 2009 (Friday) day of return, press and promo material has already revealed Voorhees to be rocking both the vintage hockey mask as well as the nascent The Town That Dreaded Sundown burlap sack over his dome (as seen in Part 2). Marcus Nispel directs (Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake), with Danielle Panabaker, Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Willa Ford and Derek Mears (as Jason) to star.

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#11: Feast III: The Happy Finish
Look, you know you reek of ultra low-budget cool when you release a sequel just a smidge over 4 months after its predecessor - but that is exactly the case with John Gulager's Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds and the February 17, 2009 DVD release of Feast 3: The Happy Finish (dude must have been shooting both simultaneously, Pete Jackson style!). If you've seen the prior two Feast pictures, you know what kind of hyper-energetic, of the wall craziness the flick will employ. For those in the know not, watch the prior two and get yourself educated (get started with a trailer for Feast II below!)

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#10: Drag Me to Hell
As a horror fan, if Sam Raimi's (The Evil Dead 1 & 2) return to the genre doesn't get you amped, nothing will! Set for a May 29, 2009 release, Drag Me to Hell focuses on a supernatural curse that is spelled on a young woman by a mysterious older Eastern European lady, setting stage for a bizarrely hellish world. Written by Raimi and his brother Ivan, the flick features the dude from those Mac commercials Justin Long, as well as Alison Lohman (a girl I'd probably drop to a knee and propose to if I ever saw in person) and Jessica Lucas, Sage Stallone, David Paymer and Flor de Maria Chahua.

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#9: Piranha
After the poor, glass shattering effort in Mirrors earlier this year, French horror director Alaxendre Aja (Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) looks to get back on track with a 3-D re-imagining of the 1978 B-movie Piranha. When a tremor cracks a Lake Havasu lake bottom, a school of uncouth prehistoric fish is unceremoniously let loose to wreak bloody havoc on the townies. A late July 2009 release is tentative, with the script written by Aja along with frequent collaborator Gregory Levasseur (P2), as well as Josh Stolberg (Sorority Row).

#8: Final Destination 4 (3-D)
No doubt a guilty pleasure for most, the Final Destination pictures somehow balance god awful acting with first rate fatalities - always doing so in deft, entertaining fashion. Slated for an August 21, 2009 release, the fourth installment will feature 3-D technology (a horror trend for 2009 and onward it seems). Directed by David R. Ellis (of Snakes on a Plane and Cellular infamy), Final Destination 4 will star the stunning Krista Allen, as well as Nick Zano, Richard T. Jones, Haley Webb, Billy Slaughter and Shantel VanSanten. Get those blue and red shades ready!

#7: Tyrannosaurus Rex
With the recent announcement that Rob Zombie has been tapped to follow up his 2007 version of Halloween with a sequel, details on his greatly anticipated prehistoric project, Tyrannosaurus Rex have somewhat petered. Still, an August 28, 2009 release date is in line for the film starring Zombie's long time flame Sherri Moon Zombie, based on a script penned by Rob himself. Looking at Zombie's concept art for the film, we can't help but hope those depicted are none other than Danny Trejo and Ken Foree in the primary roles. I mean, who else could slay a T-Rex?!?

#6: SAW VI
In as dependable an October calendar entry as Halloween itself, the 6th Saw episode is in line for what some studio execs deemed an "indefinite" string of Jigsaw releases to hit audiences in the near-to-distant future. Who knows what the hell the plot will resemble this time out, but let's hope the rote gimmickry of the last few will be replaced with some of the more simplistic methods of madness the best versions employ (if only to keep the thing at least halfway plausible). No script or casting details are clear at this point, but it'd be hard to see anyone other than Tobin Bell semi-titular role.

#5: The Wolf Man
The much anticipated lycanthropic homage to Lon Chaney and sleek horror of old, The Wolf Man will see all kinds of Oscar caliber talent in this terrifying period piece, including Sir Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro in the titular lead (as well as make-up master Rick Baker). Scripted by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en, Sleepy Hollow), directed by Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) - This version of The Wolf Man also features the lovely Emily Blunt, as well as Hugo Weaving, Geraldine Chaplin, Kiran Shah, and Sam Hazeldine. The flick howls into theaters on November 6, 2009.

#4: Giallo
Italian splatter king Dario Argento is putting the final touches on his newest blood-drenched expedition, Giallo. Looking to rebound from the atrociously substandard effort Mother of Tears, Argento's new script (by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller) sees an American stewardess (Elsa Pataky) in Milan team up with an Italian detective (Adrian Brody, who replaced Ray Liotta, who replaced Vincent Gallo) to find and rescue her kidnapped sister from an unforgiving serial killer known as Yellow (which translates in Italian as giallo). No release has been ascertained, but damn this has serious potential!

#3: Jennifer's Body
Let's just hope that the Oscar winning writer of Juno (Diablo Cody) can make something decent out of a title resembling one of those really awful 3 A.M. soft-core joints. Jennifer's Body, starring the hottest porn starlet who's yet to desert Hollywood for the valley, Megan Fox - the flick finds a possessed cheerleader going on a rampant homicidal binge, dispatching classmates and other faculty members. A roiled 2009 release is in place, with the always entertaining J.K Simmons and Amy Sedaris hopefully adding a few laughs.

#2: 25/8
All-world horror maestro Wes Craven looks to get back in the horror saddle by shooting a script he wrote himself, a task that has eluded him in the horror genre since 1994 (New Nightmare). 25/8 is about a deranged murder who returns to his hometown to torment a cadre of kids who all share the same birthday as the date he was supposedly left for dead. No definitive release date is set, but the flick certainly stars Max Thieriot, Shareeka Epps, Denzel Whitaker, Frank Grillo, and Dennis Boutsikaris. Let us pray Craven harks back to the raw brutality displayed 36 years prior in Last House on the Left.

#1: George A. Romero's Next Zombie Movie
George A. Romero's last film in his zombie-filled "Dead" film series, Diary of the Dead, didn't quite reach the critical or financial success of Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead (or hell, even Land of the Dead for that matter), but that isn't stopping the godfather of the modern zombie film from birthing another sequel in his longstanding Dead series. Tentatively titled ...of the Dead, Romero's next film contains a story about a group of survivors stuck on an island loaded with hordes of flesh-eating undead, a story not unlike Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2. As long as Romero ditches the shaky camera gimmick and ups the zombie related carnage from the last stinker, we're intrigued to see what he'll come up with. We're not giving up on him yet.

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Download Sunshine Cleaning (2009) Movie

Sunshine Cleaning Movie Info
Country : USA
Distributor : HanWay Films
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Release Date: Apr 2 2009
Run Time: Germany:102 min (European Film
Banner: Big Beach Films, Back Lot Pictures, Clean Sweep Productions

Sunshine Cleaning

Synopsis :
A thirtysomething single mother whose boundless potential was squandered through a series of failed relationships and a misguided effort to help her younger sister succeed in life finds the fruits of her labors finally coming together in director Christine Jeffs' dark family comedy. Back in high school, the future looked pretty bright for Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams); not only was she the cheerleading captain, but she was also dating the star quarterback. Flash forward a little over a decade, and Rose is working overtime in hopes of getting her son into a better school. Her sister, Norah (Emily Blunt), is still living at home with their father, Joe (Alan Arkin), a failed salesman whose penchant for jumping into get-rich-quick schemes has left the family without a financial net to fall back on. Rose may be down, but she certainly isn't out, and when she hatches a plan to launch a crime-scene cleanup business, the money starts rolling in. Sure, cleaning up murder scenes and suicide sites may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but death is a fairly profitable business, and as the phone keeps ringing, Rose and Norah finally begin to experience the closeness of sisterhood that has eluded them all these years while also providing their family with true security.
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Top Ten Movies at Weekend Box Office for April 3 - 5:

1."Fast and Furious" - $72.5 million
2. "Monsters vs. Aliens" - $33.5 million
3. "The Haunting in Connecticut" - $9.6 million
4. "Knowing" - $8.1 million
5. "I Love You, Man" - $7.9 million
6. "Adventureland" - $6 million
7. "Duplicity" - $4.3 million
8. "Race to Witch Mountain" - $3.4 million
9. "12 Rounds" - $2.3 million
10. "Sunshine Cleaning" - $1.9 million

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Download 12 Rounds (2009) Movie

     12 rounds movie poster image

“12 Rounds” (2009) movie trailer .

An action, crime, thriller film starring : John Cena, Steve Harris, Ashley Scott, Aidan Gillen, Brian White, Gonzalo Menendez.

The Plot / Synopsis : In what appears to be a remake of John Cena’s earlier film, “The Marine” with a slight variation,but same preface.”12 Rounds” is about an escaped convict out for revenge on a New Orlean’s police detective (John Cena), kidnaps his wife, and sets up a game that consists of 12 dangerous rounds some of which involve escaping from a falling elevator and escaping from a helicopter that’s about to explode. Cena’s character must pass all of them in order to retrieve his wife while trying to keep his own life intact at the same time.

Movie : 12 Rounds
Release Date : March 27, 2009
Studio : 20th Century Fox
Cast : John Cena, Steve Harris, Ashley Scott, Aidan Gillen, Brian White, Gonzalo Menendez

Download 12 Rounds Movie

Download ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ (2009) Movie

    race to witch mountain movie pic

Here’s the movie trailer for another new sci fi/action movie,Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain”. It stars: Mr. Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. “The Rock” along with AnnaSophia Robb, Carla Gugino, Ciaran Hinds, Alexander Ludwig, Tom Everett Scott, Christopher Marquette, Cheech Marin, Garry Marshall.

This looks like a pretty interesting movie with lots of adventure,action,sci-fi all rolled into one.

The Plot : Dwayne Johnson plays a Las Vegas cab driver who’s life takes a strange turn when he finds to special kids in his cab that possess supernatural powers,and start to display them in interesting ways.They eventually take him on an adventure of his life when they find out that the only way to save the world is get to get to “Witch Mountain”,and find out the secrets that lie within it. “Witch Mountain” is located in the middle of the Nevada desert,and for years it has been known for strange and unexplained phenomena. Dwayne Johnson and the kids soon realize it won’t be an easy task to get to “Witch Mountain” as the government,mobsters,and even aliens try to stop them from completing their journey in an all out fun,exciting race to “Witch Mountain”.

Release Date : March 13,2009
Studio : Walt Disney Pictures
Cast : Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Carla Gugino, Ciaran Hinds, Alexander Ludwig, Tom Everett Scott, Christopher Marquette, Cheech Marin, Garry Marshall

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Bon Jovi Documentary to Debut at Tribeca Film Festivalm

'Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful', a work-in-progress documentary about Jon Bon Jovi and his band members, will rock the Tribeca Performing Arts Center on April 29.
This year's Tribeca Film Festival will be the host for "Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful" premiere. The Hollywood Reporter came up with the story, claiming that the festival held in New York from April 22 to May 3 will "unspool what is described as a work-in-progress documentary" about chart-topping band Bon Jovi.

The documentary which features behind-the-scenes of the band's Lost Highway tour last year will be the fest's center piece presentation on Wednesday, April 29 at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. In addition to the April 29 screening, the Phil Griffin-directed film will also be screened over the following three days.

Produced by @radical.media, "Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful" has been described as a celebration of the band's quarter-century career. Containing interviews with band members Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres, it went beyond a traditional concert documentary as it looks at the complex relationships between band members over the group's history.

Download Duplicity (2009) Movie

‘Duplicity’ (2009) Movie Trailer & Synopsis

Movie : Duplicity
Release Date : March 20, 2009
Studio : Universal Pictures
Cast : Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, Rick Worthy Duplicity movie poster image

Movie trailer for “Duplicity” . A comedy,romance,action film starring : Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, Rick Worthy.

The Plot / Synopsis : Julia Roberts is CIA officer, Claire Stenwick and Clive Owens is MI6 agent Ray Koval in “Duplicity”. Together, they are spies that have become corporate operatives who also have a love affair going. They have given up being spies and joined the highly profitable corporate world where two multinational corporations have a rival going on which means Claire and Ray have a new mission which is to secure the formula for a product that will bring huge profits to whichever company patents it first.It also means $40 million for Claire and Ray.

There employers are industry titan Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) and buccaneer CEO Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti),and for them pretty much nothing is against the rules in order to secure this great product. But as the stakes rise, so does the mystery and the tactics used. Also Claire and Ray’s attraction for each other grows stronger the more they work together which puts their whole operation in jeopardy. This film displays a great mixture of comedy,romance,drama,and action.

Download Duplicity Movie

Download Adventureland (2009) Movie

Adventureland :Overview

RR, 1hr 46min
Genre: Comedy
Released: April 3, 2009
Director: Greg Mottola
Distributor: Miramax Films
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart

Story: Inspired by writer/director Greg Mottola's own true-life job-from-hell experience, Adventureland stars The Education of Charlie Banks' Jesse Eisenberg as an uptight recent college graduate who discovers that he'll have to get a degrading minimum-wage job at a local amusement park instead of spending his summer drinking German beer, visiting world-class museums, and flirting with cute French girls. It's the summer of 1987, and James Brennan (Eisenberg) has just graduated college. James is all set to embark on his dream tour of Europe when his parents (Wendie Malick and Jack Gilpin) suddenly announce that they won't be able to subsidize the trip. Now the only things James has to look forward to this summer are sugar-fueled children, belligerent dads, and an endless parade of giant stuffed animals. When James strikes up a relationship with captivating co-worker Em (Kristen Stewart), however, he finally starts to loosen up. Suddenly, the worst summer ever doesn't seem quite so bad. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Download Adventureland (2009) Movie

Download I Love You, Man (2009) Movie

Cast: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, J.K. Simmons
Director: John Hamburg
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life
Studios: Dream Works

U.S. Box Office: $49,287,000
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, United States
Produced in:
Running Time: 110 min.
Release Date: March 20th, 2009 (wide)

MPAA Rating: R for pervasive language, including crude and sexual references.

Peter Klaven is a successful real estate agent who, upon getting engaged to the woman of his dreams, Zooey, discovers, to his dismay and chagrin, that he has no male friend close enough to serve as his Best Man. Peter immediately sets out to rectify the situation, embarking on a series of bizarre and awkward "man-dates," before meeting Sydney Fife, a charming, opinionated man with whom he instantly bonds. But the closer the two men get, the more Peter's relationship with Zooey suffers, ultimately forcing him to choose between his fiancee and his new found "bro," in a story that comically explores what it truly means to be a "friend."
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Tom Cruise Sets Eyes on 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' Remake

Tom Cruise, the star of 'Valkyrie', reportedly wants to take on Robert Redford's role of Sundance in the possible 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' remake with John Travolta playing Cassidy.
http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/gallery/0,,20050574_7,00.html Rumor has it, Tom Cruise is planning a remake to western classic "Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". The Daily Express suggested the matter, writing that the 46-year-old actor/producer intends to produce the remake movie through his United Artists and that a senior executive has said the actor has interviewed potential screenwriters.

"It has been a pet project of his that has been on the back-burner for years," the publication quoted the executive as explaining. "But now he's ready to go, and will most likely happily eschew the enormous salary that he normally commands." Another source was quoted, "Butch and Sundance is a labor of love for Tom. He was eight years old when he saw the original and it made an impression that has stayed with him all his life. He can't wait to get to work."

In addition to producing the remake, the actor who is last seen starring as Claus von Stauffenberg in "Valkyrie" reportedly eyes to play Sundance, who was played by Robert Redford in the original film. He is also said to be using the project as the chance to work together with John Travolta, who allegedly will fill in the shoes of Paul Newman's Cassidy.

Neither United Artists nor Tom Cruise's representative has made any comments, confirming or denying the report so far.

The original "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" was released in 1969 and had collected four of the seven Academy Awards it was nominated in 1970. Based loosely on historical fact, this American Western film directed by George Roy Hill tells the story of bank robbers Butch Cassidy and his partner The Sundance Kid.

Download Knowing (2009) Movie Here

Theatrical Release: Friday, March 20, 2009 (Wide, 3332 theaters)
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Ben Mendelsohn, Pickering, Chandler Canterbury
Directed by: Alex Proyas
Genres: Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Supernatural
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Box Office Total: $58,204,000
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for disaster sequences, disturbing images and brief strong language.
Rose Byrne stars as Diana Whelan and Nicolas Cage stars as Ted Myles in Summit Entertainment's "Knowing" (2009).
In 1958, as part of the dedication ceremony for a new elementary school, a group of students is asked to draw pictures to be stored in a time capsule. But one of the students, a mysterious girl who seems to hear whispered voices, fills her sheet of paper with rows of apparently random numbers instead.

Fast forward 50 years to the present: A new generation of students examines the contents of the time capsule and the girl's cryptic message ends up in the hands of young Caleb Myles. But it is Caleb's father, professor Ted Myles (Nicolas Cage), who makes the startling discovery that the encoded message predicts with pinpoint accuracy the dates, death tolls and coordinates of every major disaster of the past 50 years. As Ted further unravels the document's secrets, he realizes it foretells three additional events-the last of which hints at destruction on a global scale and seems to somehow involve Ted and his son.

When Ted's attempts to alert the authorities fall on deaf ears, he takes it upon himself to try to prevent more destruction from taking place.

This gripping supernatural thriller charts one man's faltering steps towards belief in the ultimate order of the universe even as he finds himself surrounded by mounting chaos. With the reluctant help of Diana Whelan (Rose Byrne) and Abby, the daughter and granddaughter of the now-deceased author of the cryptic prophecies, Ted's increasingly desperate efforts take him on a heart-pounding race against time until he finds himself facing the ultimate disaster-and the ultimate sacrifice.
Download Knowing Movie Here

Full Winners List of 2009 Genie Awards

World War I epic romance 'Passchendaele' is the big winner at Canada's Genie Awards with six Genies, while 'The Necessities of Life', which dominated the awards' nominations, grabs only four nods.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television had announced the winners of the 2009 Genie Awards on Saturday night, April 4, and "Passchendaele" came up victorious. On the awards ceremony held at Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa, the World War I drama was announced this year's Best Motion Picture in addition to receiving five other nods.

Being the one which collected the most prizes on the special night, this Paul Gross-directed war movie also won kudos for Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design, Achievement in Costume Design, Achievement in Overall Sound and Achievement in Sound Editing. It brought home the Golden Reel Award as well for being the biggest box office gross of the year.

"The Necessities of Life" was another big winner as the movie about an Inuit hunter stranded in a Quebec hospital grabbed four kudos at the awards. It collected Best Director title for Benoit Pilon and Best Leading Actor for Natar Ungalaaq. It also nabbed Best Original Screenplay for Bernard Emond and Best Editing for Richard Comeau.

In the meantime, Ellen Burstyn was hailed Best Leading Actress for her role in "The Stone Angel", Callum Keith Rennie was named Best Supporting Actor for "Normal" and Kristin Booth nailed Best Supporting Actress for "Young People Fucking". The Best Documentary went to Montreal helmer Yung Chang's "Up the Yangtze", while "Fugitive Pieces" was given the Best Cinematography award.

List of winners at the 29th Annual Genie Awards:

* Best Motion Picture: "Passchendaele"
* Achievement in Direction: Benoit Pilon for "The Necessities of Life"
* Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Natar Ungalaaq for "The Necessities of Life"
* Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Callum Keith Rennie for "Normal"
* Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role: Ellen Burstyn for "The Stone Angel"
* Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Kristin Booth for "Young People Fucking"
* Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design: Carol Spier and Janice Blackie-Goodine for "Passchendaele"
* Achievement in Costume Design: Wendy Partridge for "Passchendaele"
* Achievement in Cinematography: Gregory Middleton csc for "Fugitive Pieces"
* Achievement in Editing: Richard Comeau for "The Necessities of Life"
* Achievement in Music - Original Score: John McCarthy for "The Stone Angel"
* Achievement in Music - Original Song: Dr. Shiva for "Rahi Nagufta", "Amal"
* Achievement in Overall Sound: Lou Solakofski, Garrell Clark, Steve Foster and Don White for "Passchendaele"
* Achievement in Sound Editing: Jane Tattersall, Kevin Banks, Barry Gilmore, Andy Malcolm and Dave Rose for "Passchendaele"
* Original Screenplay: Bernard Emond for "The Necessities of Life"
* Adapted Screenplay: Marie-Sissi Labreche and Lyne Charlebois for "Borderline"
* Best Documentary: "Up the Yangtze"
* Best Live Action Short Drama: "Next Floor"
* Best Animated Short: "Sleeping Betty"
* Golden Reel Award: "Passchendaele"
* Claude Jutra Award: Yves-Christian Fournier for "Everything is Fine"
* Special Award for Outstanding Achievement in Make-Up Design: Adrien Morot, Bruno Gatien, Rejean Goderre, Marie-France Guy and Nathalie Trepanier for "Cruising Bar 2"

Download The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) Movie

The Haunting in Connecticut Poster
Release Date : March 27, 2009

Studio :Lionsgate Films

Director :Peter Cornwell

Starring : Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Martin Donovan, Elias Koteas

In the tradition of such real-life horror movies as 'The Exorcist' and 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose', "The Haunting in Connecticut" tells the astounding true story of one family's supernatural ordeal. When Sara (Virginia Madsen) and Peter (Martin Donovan) Campbell's son Matt (Kyle Gallner) is diagnosed with cancer, they uproot their family to Connecticut for his treatment. As the family settles into their new home, Matt grows increasingly disturbed by paranormal activity that seems to inhabit and possess the house. At a loss to help her frightened family, his mother turns to an enigmatic priest (Elias Koteas) who appears to rid the house of its ghosts - until the boy's condition takes a sudden and unexplained turn for the worse and their lives are put in grave danger.

Download The Haunting in Connecticut Movie

Download Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) Movie

Movie Info
Genre Animation, Action, Comedy

Release Date March 27, 2009

MPAA Rating PG

Production Budget $15 millions

Studio Paramount Pictures

Cast and Crew

Director Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

Producer Lisa Stewart
Screenwriter Maya Forbes, Wallace Wolodarsky, Rob Letterman, Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger Starring
* Reese Witherspoon as Susan Murphy/Ginormica (voice)

* Paul Rudd as Derek (voice)

* Rainn Wilson as Gallaxhar (voice)

* Hugh Laurie as Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D. (voice)

* Seth Rogen as B.O.B. (voice)

* Will Arnett as The Missing Link (voice)

* Kiefer Sutherland as Gen. W.R. Monger (voice)
* Stephen Colbert

Movie Story :
When California girl Susan Murphy is unexpectedly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk, she mysteriously grows to 49 feet, 11 inches tall and is instantly labeled a "monster" named Ginormica. The military jumps into action, and she is captured and held in a secret government compound. The world learns that the military has been quietly rounding up other monsters over the years. This ragtag group consists of the brilliant but insect-headed Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.; the macho half-ape, half-fish The Missing Link; the gelatinous and indestructible B.O.B.; and the 350-foot grub called Insectosaurus. Their confinement time is cut short however, when a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and begins storming the country.

As a last resort, under the guidance of General W.R. Monger (on a desperate order from The President), the motley crew of Monsters is called into action to combat the aliens and save the world from imminent destruction.

Top Ten Movies at Weekend Box Office for April 3 - 5:

  1. "" - $72.5 million
  2. "" - $33.5 million
  3. "" - $9.6 million
  4. "" - $8.1 million
  5. "" - $7.9 million
  6. "" - $6 million
  7. "" - $4.3 million
  8. "" - $3.4 million
  9. "" - $2.3 million
  10. "" - $1.9 million

'Fast and Furious' Speeds Up to Box Office Top, Sets New Records

Drawing in more than $70 million over the weekend, 'Fast and Furious' has shattered previous North American box office records and knocked 'Monsters vs. Aliens' off the chart's top slot.

See larger image
"Fast and Furious" has revved up the North American box office and easily won the top slot by a clear mile over the weekend. Collecting an approximately $72.5 million from 3,461 theaters, the fourth installment of "The Fast and the Furious" franchise outsold last week champion, "Monsters vs. Aliens", and set a series of new records.

With a bow that doubled what most industry observers had previously predicted, this street car racing-themed movie scored the highest-grossing opening ever for the series, outdrawing the $50.5 million debut tally of "2 Fast 2 Furious". It also shattered "Anger Management" old record in being the biggest April opening ever, and marked Universal Pictures best opening by beating "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"'s $72.1 million earning.

Easily beating "Monsters vs. Aliens"'s $59.3 million debut bow to secure also this year's biggest opening title in the North American market, "Fast and Furious" made impressive debut overseas as well. The Justin Lin-directed movie opened first in most of the international markets, including Germany, Mexico and Spain, and brought in $30.1 million from the 31 international markets.

The second box office slot went to "Monsters vs. Aliens". Though slipping to the runner up position and experienced about 43.5% decline in sales, the 3-D animation movie still had a solid run, raking in an estimated $33.5 million. So far, the DreamWorks Animation SKG film has hauled in a total of $105.7 million.

"The Haunting in Connecticut", in the meantime, dropped two spots to the third position. In its second week of theatrical screening, the supernatural horror movie only managed to earn around $9.6 million. "Knowing" followed in the fourth place with approximately $8.1 million, while "I Love You, Man" was in fifth with about $7.9 million. Additionally, Kristen Stewart's "Adventureland" was pushed to the sixth place, collecting around $6 million.

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