avatar groupThe cast of Avatar poses for the cameras after a very positive reception greeted the first screening of the movie. Of the three premieres to take place in London this week, only one really mattered - and it wasn't St Trinian's 2. James Cameron's Avatar was finally seen by mortal man, and the reactions may well have been more positive than we all expected...

"Just left the party. The movie is a game changer. Still buzzing. Tweet over.", exclaimed Simon Pegg on Twitter. And he wasn't alone. Twitter was short on Avatar nay-sayers after the World Premiere in the Odeon, Leicester Square.

Avatar Official 12The audience, who gave the film quite an ovation during the end credits, were buzzing after, although those of a quieter disposition may have left with mild headaches - Avatar is an attack on the senses.

The visuals, regardless of the 3D, are truly stunning, and oh so immersive once the specs are on. The soundtrack compliments the visuals perfectly, be it the array of noises, clicks and tweets, or the rousing James Horner score.

There were pop stars, boxers, television and movie stars in attendance, but they paled in significance once the cast showed up - all of the key players were there, seeing this thing for the first time since it's completion.

Before the film commenced, Sky Movies' Alex Zane welcomed the cast to the stage, one by one. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana (who nearly fell over as she walked up the stage steps, but thankfully found her footing), Stephen Lang - and then Sigourney Weaver, who received the biggest cheer of the night.

And then Cameron arrived - giving the audience a heartfelt summary of what it was like to be presenting his movie after fourteen years of hard work. Avatar Official 05

Three hours later, (it felt like one) and the verdicts were coming together. It might not quite have the relevance of cinematic innovations of years gone by, but there was a feeling in the audience that Cameron, for all his bleating about changing cinema and holding training courses for directors, has come up with something truly special.

Before seeing Avatar, many of us were wondering, was there anything left to see? Fourteen years after Titanic and 3D movies are a dime a dozen. The story appeared to be Dances With Wolves meets Toy Story. South Park have already parodied it, calling it Dances With Smurfs. Could there possibly be any surprises in store?

The answer is in the affirmative. While the plot might not contain too many shocks the real surprise is in the experience. For once, Trey Parker and Matt Stone jumped the gun. Dances With Smurfs misses the point entirely.

With reviews embargoed for a few days yet, we'll refrain from going into detail on the movie itself, suffice to say, you're going to want to see this. In the meantime, check out what the Twitter feeds had to say...

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"Avatar was epic and brilliant. Not perfect, but the best Hollywood blockbuster I've seen in a while. Welcome back, James Cameron." - @itscoby

"Avatar was amazing! incredible special effects and a wonderful love story!" - @unahealy

"I’m not supposed to talk about Avatar… That said, it was a spectacular experience. Like nothing I’ve seen before." - @rejects (FilmSchoolRejects.com)

"Was blown away by Avatar! For 150 minutes, I was a kid again. Thank you James Cameron! BTW, the groundbreaking 3D was mindblowing.” - @MikePereira21

“Just saw AVATAR. Not allowed to talk about it yet. Not allowed to say how it’s an amazing visual feast, or that Jimmy C’s still got the gift.” - @markwalters74

“Holy effing crap!!! Avatar was FREAKING AWESOME KICK ASS SWEET!!!!!” - @dmann11

"Just went to the Avatar premiere, was amazing! Bit long but the story and special effects were INCREDIBLE!!! Almost choked up at the end…." - @adamenglish1985

“The AVATAR buzz is an understatement. That movie was unbelievable.” - @petershall

"Just got back from a critic screening of Avatar. It was awesome." - @bxchen

"On my way home to review Avatar for TWITCH. Short version: book your IMAX tickets. Details to follow." - @sizemore

“For the record ‘Avatar’ was worth the $400 million, and no it is not even remotely “vomit inducing”. - @TheGate

"Just came from the AVATAR premiere… You have to see it….. A truely awesome film!" - @Karishma_K1

"Avatar = outstanding. Really. Truly. See it. Soon." - @JonTT

"Just left AVATAR premiere. Wow…" - @iamBenLyons

"Omg avatar is awsome!!!!!!!!’!!!!" - @IdiotDrivers

"Just out of Avatar premiere in London. V, V impressive!" - @NancyWiretap

"All the good things you hear about Avatar are true. It was visually stunning and for being close to 3-hours long it flew by." - @bamcat

"the first review of AVATAR is out via….twitter!!!:) 3 word review ‘holy *beep* *beep*’………gonna be one hellva ride eeehhaaaaaaaaaaaww" - @Suparn

“Just finished AVATAR. Special effects were top notch. The movie ran a little long for my likings but I liked it!” - @chasewhale