May 22, 2012

’30 Rock’ Star Katrina Bowden on the Sex and Splatter Comedy of ‘Piranha 3DD’

052212 0930 30RockStar1 30 Rock Star Katrina Bowden on the Sex and
 Splatter Comedy of Piranha 3DD
I have interview — in which the 30 Rock star discusses a more immediate movie release, Piranha 3DD (due in theaters and on VOD on June 1st). After the jump, find out what Bowden had to say about shooting the film’s most hilarious scene, in which a Piranha, er, exits” her character’s body, to her boyfriend’s horror, during a rather intimate moment between the two.
AfterTucker and Dale vs. Evil, Piranha 3DD is the second horror comedy in which you’ve appeared. Do you prefer horror comedy to straight-up horror?
Yeah, I guess. Because I love comedy. I like it when it’s done well. It’s hard to do it well, but when it’s done well, it’s really entertaining. And straight-up horror… I’ve always been kind of afraid of horror movies. Actually really afraid of horror movies. I’ll see one and then I’ll think about it for years and years and be so afraid of it. I’ve never been very good at watching them. But the comedy-horror genre is a little bit easier for me to handle.
What’s the most frightening horror film you’ve seen?
The list of them that I’ve seen is not very impressive. [Laughs.] Every time I tell anybody about the ones that really freaked me out it always gets kind of a weird reaction. But the last one that I saw was Amityville Horror. I had my eyes closed for half the movie. That one freaked me out. Then I saw this movie called Darkness Falls. It was about a tooth fairy that kills people. That one freaked me out for a long time. [Laughs.] But I haven’t really seen many. I could say The Silence of the Lambs, but that’s more freaky than straight-up horror.
In Piranha 3DD, you have what will probably be the film’s most talked about scene; and certainly its most outrageous gag. Can you talk about that?
That scene was kind of crazy. It was one of those scenes that I read in a script and thought, “How are we going to shoot this scene? This is insane. What have I gotten myself into?” But it’s probably one of the most memorable parts of the movie. There were a lot of prosthetics involved, a little bit of CGI.
There must have been a lot of laughter while you were shooting that.
For me personally, I was extremely uncomfortable the entire time. [Laughs.] I get very uncomfortable doing any kind of love or romantic scenes. But especially this one. Everything we had to do in it… I had to have a seizure and have all this gross stuff come out of my mouth. There was blood squirting up at me… It was not my particular idea of fun. [Laughs.] But I think it turned out really, really well, and it’s definitely pretty shocking and kind of crazy. But I was trying to keep a straight face. Because the actor who plays my boyfriend in the movie, he has to wear this weird prosthetic and he felt uncomfortable too. So I think it was just this giant uncomfortable moment until that scene was finished.
 What really came out of your mouth?
That was Alka-Seltzer and some food coloring. It was basically Alka-Seltzer that was activated with a couple of drops of water that I had to keep in my mouth. I don’t know what they did to it, or maybe this is just how Alka-Seltzer works, but it foams up so much, so quickly that you can’t really control it. [Laughs.] It was pretty gross. I just lay there with it drying all over my face. Then the scene where I had to throw up at the camera? That was pretty gross too. I guess I had a lot of gross things-coming-out-of-my-mouth moments. [Laughs.]
Before you throw up, you utter the funniest line in the movie. Because you quite clearly, rationally, truthfully summarize the insane events that have just occurred.
When I saw a screening of the movie, that was the general reaction of people in the audience. [Laughs.] They were just shocked, yet found it absolutely hysterical. When we were about to shoot it, I was wondering how I should deliver [the line]. Should I be frantic or upset? I didn’t know if it would be funny or if it would sound too serious. But I think the tone of the movie is such that everything is played realistically; it just ends up coming off really funny and silly. That makes it better I think. So yeah, that was a line where I was like, “Is this going to be really dramatic or ridiculous?” I think it came out exactly as I was hoping it would.
Piranha 3DD was kind of exhausting. We shot that scene in the lake for the entire night. I think I was in the water for almost ten hours straight. I got out once in a while, but it was kind of hard to get out, because it got so cold if you got out that it was just easier to stay in the water. By the end of that night, we wrapped at like six in the morning, and I didn’t really know what was going on – what day it was. It was a pretty tough night. But that’s kind of the fun part of the job too.
Besides Nurse 3D, what’s next for you?
 Right now I’m kind of taking a little bit of a break. We just finished a season of 30 Rock, and I’ve been promoting the movies I did last summer. And I got a new dog, so I’m taking care of him. I don’t know what else is up for me in the summer yet, but I think I have a little bit of time to figure that out.
It was just announced that next season will be the last season of 30 Rock. Is there anything you haven’t had a chance to do yet with your character that you’d like to do before the show ends its run?
There’s nothing really specific that I think needs to be done. I guess what I really want for next season is that I hope they give every character a proper ending. You know what I mean? Make sure to tie everybody into the final ending. I think that’s gonna be important. Because it’s such an ensemble cast and it’s hard to [include everyone] sometimes, but we’ve all been together for six years now. So they really need to find a good way to wrap it up and make the fans happy, even though it’s ending. So that’s what I really hope for next season.
One last question – what’s your greatest fear?
My God, I have so many. It’s hard to choose. It’s such a hard question… My greatest fear, if I had to put myself in a scary horror-movie situation, is to be alone on a street and find out that someone’s following me. Something like that… Or if I woke up and found someone’s in my room and about to kill me. Or in the closet. I’m always afraid of someone hiding in the closet… That’s three of them. I’m sorry – I gave you too many.
Not at all. It’s nice to a have an assortment. And they’re all entirely understandable. [Laughs.]
Yeah. [Laughs.]
Thank you so much for your time, Katrina.
Thank you very much!