Aug 2, 2012

Friends Star Jennifer Aniston, Failed!

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, film director and a producer. She is famous for her role in Friends, in which she portrays Rachel Green, which earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She is also known for her movies ‘She’s The One’, ‘Office Space’, ‘The Good Girl’ and ‘Friends With Money’. ‘The Break-Up’, ‘Marley and Me’, ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’ are the movies, which are her greatest commercial successes.

Friends is an American drama created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and was first launched by NBC on September 22, 1994. The story revolves around a group of friends and the situation they face in their course of life in Manhattan and is produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. This show had earned various awards and is one of the most popular shows watched by the viewers all over the world. If you are one of the millions who swear the show, you can secure a Friends download to enjoy your favorite episodes of the show.
Friends star Jennifer Aniston, is in news for her new movie ‘Wanderlust‘, which had earned just 6.6 million at box office. This movie brought disappointment to the actress, in which she played the role of a distraught woman, Linda. The story of the movie revolves around a Manhattan couple, who try to overcome financial crisis after becoming unemployed. Paul Rudd played the role of Lisa’s boyfriend, George.
Justin Theroux also stars in the movie and is in a real-life relationship with Jennifer. They both shared their first public kiss at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. In a recent appearance on a leading chat show, she revealed various things about herself and told the secret behind her young looks. She also told that due to long sun exposure, she developed sunspots, and to overcome the problem, she had undergone laser therapy, which later on made her obsessed.
If you have been disappointed with her lackluster performance on the movie, you can watch and enjoy her show Friends, which is what she did best!

Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker is joining Glee

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back to television to play another fashionista. The former Sex and the City star is joining Glee as a recurring character next season, and she’ll be playing a editor. The actual editor of Vogue, Anna Winour, will lend her very in-demand hand to help style SJP, because there’s no way the style icon would be able to pull together a believable fashion editor look all on her own.
080212 1141 SexandtheCi1 Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica 
Parker is joining Glee
Parker and Wintour have a pretty lively professional relationship. SJP’s been on the cover of Vogue six times over the course of her career, and the pair recently joined forces to host an Obama campaign fundraiser. And though their upcoming work together on Glee is by no means unnatural, there are some other forces at work.
Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, recently took a job for Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s production company, and since then, Glee and Wintour have gotten to know each other. Last year, the high school musical series entered into a promotional partnership with the Vogue editor’s annual shopping holiday, Fashion’s Night Out. And now Wintour is dipping her toes into some more of Glee’s viewer-dense primetime water. If you think Glee and fashion’s fearless leader make strange bedfellows, you’re clearly not very sensitive to nepotism.

Doctor Who – New promo picture leaked early

The BBC were due to release a new promo photo for the 7th series of Doctor Who tonight but it ended up being leaked early. Below you can find the image.

Personally I think it is one of the best DW promo pictures in a long time. It also looks like the new daleks have got a new metallic finish or we have a new black dalek.

Klaine’s Deleted Romantic Scene From ‘Glee’ Christmas Episode Surfaces

While waiting for the “Glee” return this fall, Gleeks are treated to a lost scene from season 3. It’s Ryan Murphy himself who shares the footage highlighting Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) which was filmed for last year’s Christmas episode.
080212 0601 KlainesDele1 Klaines Deleted Romantic Scene From Glee 
Christmas Episode Surfaces
In it, Blaine presents Kurt with a small red box and the latter quickly says, “If that’s an engagement ring, my answer is yes,” before he even opens it. It turns out the box contains a promise ring made of wrappers of Kurt’s favorite candies.

Asked what he promises, Blaine states, “To always love you. To defend you, even if I know you’re wrong. To surprise you. To always pick up your phone call, no matter what I’m doing. To bake you cookies at least twice a year. To kiss you wherever and whenever you want. But mostly just to make sure that you remember how perfectly imperfect you are.”

In the upcoming season 4, Kurt and Blaine’s relationship will be further challenged with the distance that separates them. “They’re kind of verging on an old married couple path right now,” Darren Criss tells The Hollywood Reporter about the couple.

The Blaine depicter adds, “Challenge is good for any relationship,” before teasing, “So whether or not it ultimately is staying together or staying apart, I think it’s good for both of them to have some kind of medium factor in their lives.”

Glee season 4 will premiere Thursday, September 13 at 9 P.M. on FOX. It follows Rachel and Kurt who move to New York following the graduation, but still keeps up with the New Directions of McKinley High School in Lima.

Futurama – Season 7 – New DVD / Blu-Ray Release Date

080212 0640 FuturamaSea1 Futurama   Season 7   New DVD / Blu Ray 
Release Date
We reported earlier that the 7th season of “Futurama” would be out on DVD and Blu-Ray release on December 18th, but now, the studio has announced the release date of December 11, 2012. In addition, we now have the list of bonus features:

- Full-length Commentary on All 13 Episodes
- Bonus Commentary on Episode 7.02, “A Farewell To Arms,” by the Animators of Rough Draft Studios
- Alternate Ending for Episode 7.05, “Zapp Dingbat”
- Christopher Tyng’s Big Score: A Jam Session with Futurama’s Innovative Composer
- Futurama Karaoke: Sing Along with Your Favorite Characters
- Möbius Trip: Infinite Futurama Screen Loops
- Too Good For TV: A Smorgasbord of Deleted Scenes

Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 9 – Business and Pleasure – Promo “HD”

Watch promo in hd of Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 9 Business and Pleasure

080212 1057 RoyalPainsS1 Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 9   Business
 and Pleasure   Promo HD

Pretty Little Liars Episode 3×09 – The Kahn Game – Sneak Peeks “HD”

The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Bonus Features for DVD & Blu-Ray

080212 0652 TheWalkingD1 The Walking Dead   Season 2   Bonus 
Features for DVD & Blu Ray      080212 0652 TheWalkingD2 The Walking Dead   Season 2   Bonus 
Features for DVD & Blu Ray 080212 0652 TheWalkingD3 The Walking Dead   Season 2   Bonus 
Features for DVD & Blu Ray
As previously announced, the 2nd season of “The Walking Dead” will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray August 28, 2012. What we didn’t have earlier were the bonus features on both these sets, but we have that information now:
- Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew on Episodes 1, 7, 8, 11 and 13
- 6 Webisodes
- 8 Deleted Scenes
- 11 Never-Before-Seen Featurettes:
1. All The Guts Inside – Featurette
2. Live or Let Die – Featurette
3. The Meat Of The Music – Featurette
4. Fire On The Set – Featurette
5. The Ink Is Alive – Featurette
6. The Sound Of The Effects – Featurette
7. In The Dead Water – Featurette
8. You Could Make A Killing – Featurette
9. She Will Fight – Featurette
10. The Cast On Season 2 – Featurette
11. Extra Wardrobe – Featurette
I’m also hearing that there will be a French language-track available, in addition to Spanish subtitles.
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Aaron Sorkin Denies ‘The Newsroom’ Sexism: Men and Women Screw Up in the Same Way

Being a new hit on HBO, “The Newsroom” has also received criticisms regarding its portrayal of the female characters as weak-willed and silly. At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Wednesday, August 1, Aaron Sorkin responded to this opinion.
080212 0617 AaronSorkin1 Aaron Sorkin Denies The Newsroom Sexism: 
Men and Women Screw Up in the Same Way
“I completely respect that opinion, but I one hundred percent disagree with it,” he said. “The female characters are the equals of the men … and we plainly see them being good at their jobs.” Supporting the series creator, lead actor Jeff Daniels stated, “One of the things I like about Aaron’s writing is all of his characters, men and women, have flaws. They all have flaws.”

Sorkin then added, “I disagree about the asymmetry [of the character flaws] — what Jeff said is one hundred percent right. We present Will’s mission to civilize as something everyone rolls their eyes at and something that always blows up in his face. Hubris in this show is always punished. Men and women screw up in the same way.”

Sorkin also denied rumors which surfaced in July about him firing the show’s writing staff. Calling it “an un-sourced and untrue story,” he explained, “A couple of staffing changes were made that included promoting our two writer’s assistants to story editors, but the writing staff hasn’t been fired — I’m looking forward to coming back to work with them soon.”

On report that he dated one of the staff writers, Corinne Kinsbury, the Oscar and Emmy-winning writer claimed that it was wrong. “She was identified as my ex-girlfriend — she is not,” so he stressed.

Responding to negative reviews on the show, Sorkin admitted, “For sure we all know that there were critics who did not enjoy watching the first 4 episodes — and there were critics that did.” He went on defending his writings, “I want to make a clear distinction between me and the characters that are in the show. I — most of the time — write about things I don’t know much about. The political opinions that I have are at the level of sophistication of a person who has a BFA in musical theater.”

While the first season of “Newsroom” is yet to end until the end of August, Sorkin has informed fans about when they can expect to watch second season. “Season 2 will be back on the air in June [2013],” he said, adding that the show would always be about 12-18 months behind the current news cycle.

90210 – Season 5 – Casting News – Lindsey McKeon gets recurring role

Zap2it has confirmed that Lindsey McKeon, a very familiar face to fans of The CW, has landed a role on the upcoming fifth season of “90210.”

McKeon’s character, Suzanne, first appears in Episode 3. She’s a confident, wry-humored patient who has taken control of her medical situation and acts as a mentor to Silver (Jessica Stroup).

Watch Californication Online for Lots of Love and Sex

The genre of Californication is comedy drama, but it gives a shade of love more than anything. Viewers are aware of Hank Moody and the mishaps happened to him, including the case of writer’s block and his girlfriend leaving him. He finds it difficult to say ‘no’ to sex, drugs and alcohol. He tries hard to show his family that he is very responsible. His struggle to be a good partner and parent compel viewers to watch Californication online.
The show is quite appealing and realistic. However, the sexual element in the show bothers many conservatives. In the first season, he had sex with a 16-year-old girl Mia, and he later finds out that she is Bill’s daughter, with whom his girlfriend Karen is going to marry. Mia harasses Hank and blackmails him that she will expose about him having illegal sex. This was an interesting twist and many viewers loved to watch Californication to catch this twist.
Moreover, Charlie played by Evan Handler loses his job, because of masturbating in the office many times. Later, he joins the porn industry and instigates an affair with porn star Daisy. Such things are candidly portrayed in the show, which are responsible for bounding it in many controversies. However, these are the things which work like a magnet to pull the attention of viewers. Their craziness boosts the viewers immensely and they gather in hordes to watch Californication online.
In the third season, in his dream, Hank finds himself heavily drunk, conversing to women who slept with him. They were naked and swimming around him. Such scenes occur very often, showing females’ nude frontal shots. This show has also been criticized by Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, because of its pilot dream scene in which a nun saw herself having oral sex with Hank Moody in the church! You can watch Californication to see the obscenity of that scene.
Moreover, Jim Wallace, the managing director of Australian Christian Lobby also shuns himself from Network Ten and from all the advertisers who advertise between the timing of the show. This was done because of the scene in which Hank had sex with Sonja after smoking marijuana. They both vomit subsequently. Many indecent scenes appear one after another, which put the show under high criticism. However, many viewers were not concerned about too much obscenity and they used to watch Californication online.
When the second season was premiered, Christian fundamentalist group Salt Shakers started an email campaign, in which they advised the advertisers to quit advertising during the show. Their campaign resulted in backing up of 49 companies including Just Car Insurance, which was the main sponsor. Although it came as a shock for the show, the love of viewers didn’t see any fall. They still love to watch Californication as they used to earlier.

‘Mad Men’ Locks Up January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Vincent Kartheiser for Two More Years

January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Vincent Kartheiser are likely to return to season 6 and possible season 7 of “Mad Men“. The three main cast members are reportedly finalizing new deals that will keep them on the show for at least two more years.

According to Deadline, under the new contracts which are yet to be signed, Jones, Moss and Kartheiser will receive salary bumps into six figures per episode. While the threesome are finalizing their agreements, their co-star Christina Hendricks is allegedly still negotiating her own deal.

The report affirms Moss’ statement that she will return to “Mad Men” season 6, though her character Peggy Olsen left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in season 5. “I think that she’s forever linked to Don in some way. Obviously, it’s Don’s show, but they’re going to have some interaction,” the former “The West Wing” actress said of how Peggy would be written in the storyline.

Lead actor Jon Hamm has previously signed his three-year contract, which would make sure he stays on the show until season 7 if there is any.

The upcoming sixth season of the Emmy-winning series, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin production in October.
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Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 – Allosaurus Crush Castle – Short Synopsis

Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 Allosaurus Crush Castle: Nancy starts over with a job search; Jill drops a bomb on Andy and Doug; Silas looks for his stolen plants.

How I Met Your Mother – Season 8 – Joe Manganiello returning

True Blood man-beast Joe Manganiello is making a return trip to How I Met Your Mother this fall.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the Magic Mike actor has signed on to reprise his role as Marshall’s law school chum Brad in two episodes of the CBS hitcom.
Viewers last saw Brad in Season 5 when he went on an awkward hockey-themed date with Robin. It’s unclear what brings him back into the fold, but last week HIMYM co-creator Craig Thomas told TVLine that the show’s eighth season would feature “a couple of familiar faces coming back,” including the previously reported Michael Trucco as Robin’s crush and Ashley Williams as Victoria.
“There’s going to be a few more [returnees] from deeper into the past as we near the end of the series,” he added. “Just funny people we always wanted to write for more and play with more.”
HIMYM returns with Season 8 on Sept. 24.

CSI: Las Vegas Season 13 Episode 2 – Code Blue Plate Special – Casting Snippet

080212 1047 CSILasVegas1 CSI: Las Vegas Season 13 Episode 2   Code
 Blue Plate Special   Casting Snippet
CSI: Las Vegas Season 13 Episode 2: DEL HUNTER-WHITE will play the role of Connie.

CONNIE50s, sweet and sympathetic, she’s a city bus driver who works the 5 a.m. shift so she can be home in the afternoon for her two grandchildren. A regular at the diner, she proudly shows off pictures of her grandkids before she and seven others are victimized in a massacre.