Jan 21, 2009

Momma's Boys' First Season Finale - Recap

The end has come for Ryan Seacrest's reality show "Momma's Boys" when it wrapped up the first season with a finale on Tuesday, January 20. Two out of the three boys chose to go against their mothers' wish and one decided to obey his mother but regretted later.

Khalood, was pissed when her son Jojo turned his back to go with 22-year-old kindergarten teacher Mindy who was particularly without a final two showdown because Khalood thought that none of the girls were good enough for her son. Mindy had the gut to tell Jojo that she would not let herself date a boy who can't stand up for himself and that her parents raised her to be "respectful, classy, and well-rounded."

Jojo took her hand and said after his decision, "This is the first time that I ever stood up to my mom and just put my foot down and been successful with it." After the show, NY Daily News reported that Khalood was offered a counseling but she refused politely.

Another boy going against his mama's will is Michael. He selected 26-year-old medical student Amanda over his mother's choice Erica who admitted that she is Penthouse's Pet of the Year. Despite Erica's confession that she has posed for the adult magazine, mom Lorraine said, "You know I still feel the same exact way about you. I don't feel any different about you." But Michael felt otherwise, and went on with Amanda.

The only boy who took a nod for his mother's choice is Rob. Esther was particularly unhappy upon finding out that her son took interest in an African-American girl, Camilla, and suggested him to go with Lauren. After a final discussion, Rob said on the elimination, "Camilla, all the time we spent together has been so magical. You're so different than anyone I've ever spent time with. ...But, I'm asking Lauren to come away with me tonight." The fact was, Rob left for his three-day vacation without Lauren but alone.

No date for the new season for the show yet.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Discusses 'Watchmen' Rape Scene

As director Zack Snyder tries to stay true to the comic book, "Watchmen" will include the raping scene of Minutemen member Silk Spectre by her teammate, The Comedian. Talking about his experience filming the scene and the adjustment done to bring the particular scene to life, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays The Comedian, opened up to MTV.

Describing the filming process as the hardest days of shooting, the co-star of Uma Thurman in "The Accidental Husband" recalled, "It was a three-day process shooting that particular scene, and it was hard." He continued adding, "It was three of the hardest days of filming I have ever had to do. It was really very violent."

On bringing the sequence from the comic to the big screen, the 42-year-old explained what needed to be done. "When you're looking at the comic book you only get a couple panels so there is a lot of stuff there that needs to be filled in," he said, "so we fill in the blanks there between three and four panels, and it turns out to be one hell of a violent scene."

"And it's all intact, [Hooded Justice] comes in and interrupts the attempted rape - it's all there," he then added. "We stayed very loyal to it, and I haven't actually seen the scene yet, but I did see a piece of playback when we were filming it and it's a lot."

When asked about whether general public is ready for the particular scene, the Denny Duquette of TV series "Grey's Anatomy" responded, "I know certainly the fans of the novel are [ready] and now it's a matter of reaching an audience that isn't familiar with the novel." He further stated, "I think Zack is the guy who is going to stay true to the novel and be able to reach a main stream audience as well. If they are ready for it? I don't know, we will see. It's rated 'R' for a reason."

From the director of "300" and "Dawn of the Dead" comes a feature film adaptation from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' 1986 comic book series, "Watchmen". To blast in U.S. theaters on March 6, it stars Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Patrick Wilson, Billy Crudup and Matthew Goode as the group of costumed heroes in an alternate 1985 America. Dealing with the conspiracy to discredit all past and present heroes, they are seeking to protect humanity.

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Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience Soundtrack

The official tracklisting of "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" soundtrack has been released. Set to be dropped in U.S. stores on Tuesday, February 24, the album for the 3-D movie contains compilation of some songs from Jonas Brothers' studio albums, "Jonas Brothers" and "A Little Bit Longer", covering tracks from "S.O.S." to "Tonight".

Aside from the songs from their two recent LPs, the soundtrack also includes their cover version of Shania Twain's track "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" and Joe Jonas' duet collaboration with Demi Lovato for the song "This Is Me". Also listing Taylor Swift's single "Should've Said No", it can now be pre-ordered via Amazon.

Coming out in the U.S. on February 27, "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" itself will follow the musical trio while promoting their third studio album "A Little Bit Longer" through their latest tour, "Burning Up", exposing the time they get on-stage as well as their life-on-the-road. It will also feature the shooting of the music video for their brand-new song "Love Is on Its Way".

Tracklisting of "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" Soundtrack:

1. That's Just The Way We Roll
2. Hold On
3. BB Good
4. Video Girl
5. This Is Me
6. Hello Beautiful
7. Pushin' Me Away
8. Should've Said No
9. I'm Gonna Getcha Good
10. S.O.S.
11. Burnin' Up
12. Tonight
13. Live To Party

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Judd Apatow Could Be Shifting Gear to Slasher Movie

During an interview at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Bill Hader has pointed out one interesting tidbit. To CHUD, the "Saturday Night Live" actor who is in Sundance for Greg Mottola's "Adventureland" reveals that he and SNL writer Simon Rich have written a slasher movie for Judd Apatow.

On making the script for the man behind "Knocked Up" and "Superbad", Hader recalled, "Judd met with us and said 'I want to do a horror movie with you. I want to see you in a slasher movie.'" The 30-year-old further described the project's concept, explaining "It's partially Straw Dogs meets Halloween meets Home Alone meets Monster Squad."

While avoiding giving too much, he still noted, "It is definitely about guys nowadays, that idea that you watch f***ed up s*** on TV, how violence in our culture - this sounds really hoity toity - you watch f***ed up reality shows, I love true crime shows."

He further added, "The idea of that thing coming to your house, and what do you do? I would s*** my pants. That's basically what the movie is about. What if that guy decided to come to your house? What would you and your dips*** friends do about it?"

Bill Hader is known for his various acts in sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live". He first starred in a big screen movie when landing a role in "You, Me and Dupree". His film credits include "Knocked Up", "Superbad", "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Tropic Thunder". He will next be seen in "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian".

A producer, director, and screenwriter, Judd Apatow's notable works include "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby", "Knocked Up", "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express".

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