Jan 3, 2011

Michael McMillian To Write New True Blood Comic Book

hough it’s been a long time since True Blood fans have seen Fellowship of the Sun leader Reverend Steve Newlin on the HBO series, Michael McMillian has been keeping busy.

IDW Publishing has announced that Michael, will be co-writing a new arc within the comic adaptation, along with Marc Andreyko which will debut on February 23, 2011.

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Every fan no doubt has their own story idea when it comes to the popular vampires series. It is easy to come up with a new character or a new way of viewing Sookie and Bill. However, the opportunity to write for True Blood isn’t just a desire for McMillian. It seems the actor has also has his own ideas as to how the lives in Bon Temps should turn out. How excited is the comic book fan now turned writer? Michael noted:

“Co-Writing the TRUE BLOOD comic is a dream come true both as a performer on the show and as longtime comic fan. It’s a real privilege to build on the rapidly growing True Blood mythology.”

What’s even better than a cast member helping create the True Blood mythology? Well, the first six issues of the successful comic will be released in a hardcover titled “True Blood: All Together Now” and will be released on February 15. This gives fans a perfect opportunity to check out the story being pursued in the comics before jumping into the newest story arc of the second series of comics beginning the 23rd.

All Together Now Cover

Christmas may be over, but it seems Santa may have to do some overtime this winter!

True Blood Episode Makes TV Guide’s Top 25 of 2010

All of us Trubies can agree Season 3 was a spectacular season of True Blood. TV Guide agrees with us as well naming episode 6 “I Got A Right To Sing The Blues” as number 13 on it’s list of Top 25 Best Episodes of 2010. They said:

“The whole thing felt like the kind of cliff-hanger usually saved for finales.”

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That it did. Episode six involved Tara‘s daring skull shattering escape from Franklin, Russell‘s success in forcing Sophie Ann to marry him and ordering Bill‘s death via Lorena, and Lorena finally getting a bite out of Sookie. It was a pretty pivotal episode that season and the good people at TV Guide recognized it’s one of the best of 2010.

Evan Rachel Wood Becomes the Ultimate Bad Girl in Mildred Pierce

Evan Returns to HBO in a New Mini-Series

The lovely and talented Evan Rachel Wood has made Vampire Queen Sophie Anne Leclerq a character to watch on True Blood. While we must wait until June to see what happened to our beloved queen, Evan will be returning to HBO in the miniseries Mildred Pierce which begins in March. She will play Vida Pierce, daughter of the title character Mildred Pierce, played by Oscar winner Kate Winslet. The series is a “re-imagining” of the original 1945 movie which starred Joan Crawford in the title role.

If you can’t seem to get enough of Wood as Sophie Anne, just wait until you see Mildred Pierce. Referred to as one of the most detestible characters of all time, Vida is a talented singer whose mother will give anything and sacrifices everything to assure her daughter a place in society. The mini-series is set in the 1920s and will give Wood the opportunity to showcase her beautiful singing voice not to mention her fantastic acting chops.

Although there is still very limited information about the project available, a trailer has been released on YouTube and a teaser has been posted at HBO.com. The trailer which I’ve posted below depicts Evan Rachel Wood’s character as a very beautiful and extremely talented singer who does not care what her mother has to do in order to keep her in the spotlight. Even if it means marrying someone she doesn’t love.

I know I’m looking forward to seeing Evan Rachel Wood take on Vida. How about you?

Watch Greek season 4 Episode 1 - Defending Your Honor

Okay, here it goes again, your favorite series is back and this time it's hotter, here comes Greek season 4, get ready to rock! The 4th season premiere is here and it is entitled "Defending Your Honor"

Greek season 4 episode 1 premiere, get ready to watch Greek s04e01 “Defending Your Honor” now, the first episode in fourth season this January, 2011. Here the episode details below.

“Greek” heads into its fourth season, the storylines turn to the post-graduation experience for Casey, Ashleigh and Evan, while the undergrads must continue to deal with life on campus. The new season promises surprise pairings with new rivals, unexpected allies, as well as unpredictable romances. Viewers will see the characters taken in new directions, including some unanticipated turns, and die-hard fans of the college series will be treated to throw-back references from past seasons. Throughout the season, fans will also see the return of featured guest stars including Charisma Carpenter, Sam Page, Martha MacIsaac, Nora Kirkpatrick and Tiffany Dupont, who returns as Frannie.

Greek s04e01 is “Defending Your Honor”. Here the episode spoiler: In the fourth-season opener, Casey and Evan enter law school while Ashleigh struggles with starting her career in New York City. Elsewhere, Rebecca begins her tenure as ZBZ president; and Rusty tries to get Cappie to step down as president of KT.

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The Greek creator, Sean Smith announced that the Greek Season 4 would have 10 episodes which will wrap up the entire series. the Greek Season 4 will flash forwards in the future to a point sometime after Casey, Ashleigh, Evan, and the additional Greek “seniors” have graduated. The Greek Season 4 will first performance with the Greek Season 4 Episode 1: Defending Your Honor, which will air on January 3, 2011 at ABC Family at 10:00 PM (EST).

Greek Season 4 Episode 1: Defending Your Honor (Season First performance) Synopsis:
Casey and Evan enter law school while Ashleigh struggles with early her career in New York City. Elsewhere, Rebecca starts her occupancy as ZBZ president; and Rusty tries to get Cappie to step down as president of KT.

Do not forget tο Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 1: Defending Your Honor. If you missed the episode, then watch online streaming or rent dvd online

Wazzup Greeks! It has been a long while since the airing of a brand new episode from our favorite Greek show. The Greek has been on hiatus since the March 2010 after the season 3 finale. And finally, this coming January 3, 2011 our favorite Greek will return for its fourth and final season. Yep, this will be the final season of Greek so you have to watch and relish all of the remaining episodes.

The Greek creator, Sean Smith announced that the Greek Season 4 would have 10 episodes which will wrap up the entire series. Within the 10 episode all knots will be tied and nothing and no one will left hanging.

According to Amber Stevens aka Ashleigh Howard, one of the main casts, the Greek Season 4 will flash forward in the future to a point sometime after Casey, Ashleigh, Evan, and the other Greek “seniors” have graduated.

The Greek Season 4 will premiere with the Greek Season 4 Episode 1: Defending Your Honor, which will air on January 3, 2011 at ABC Family at 10:00 PM (EST). This “Defending Your Honor” episode is the 65th episode of the entire series and season premiere of the current season.

Greek Season 4 Episode 1: Defending Your Honor (Season Premiere) Synopsis:

Casey and Evan enter law school while Ashleigh struggles with starting her career in New York City. Elsewhere, Rebecca begins her tenure as ZBZ president; and Rusty tries to get Cappie to step down as president of KT.

Don’t dare to miss the premiere of the season finale of your favorite fraternity/sorority series. Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 1 online. Let’s enjoy the unique brand of Greek fun and drama that we love since 2007.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11 - Moments Later

The ABC Family teen drama series returns this January 3 after having been off air since August following the end of part one. The show premiered back in June 8 and it became a huge hit that the network decided to add 12 more episodes after showing the first ten episodes with lots of success. It was well-received by both the critics and audiences alike. It stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse.


When you Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11 Online Free, it will continue where it left off in August. Hanna has been hit by a car when she found out the real identity of A, who has been haunting them by sending them cryptic messages and seems to know lots of their secrets. But now, A is no longer satisfied with just playing cat and mouse with Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer. Hanna is in the hospital following the accident. While lying in the bed, she meets Allison, one of the former leaders of the clique who has been missing for about a year. But is she really Allison or just a hallucination of Allison?

This is the show that will pull some strings to our mind and even leaved us in full wonders nevertheless it never fails to give us the perfect thrill. From the very beginning, Pretty Little Liars was a splashing success not to mention those who watched the episodes again and again online or any other means that allows us to watch the previous episodes. Everyone was captivated and asking thy selves; who is “A”? What is the mystery behind his/her real identity and why this person knows everything about the girls?

The four girls; Troian Belisarius as Spencer Hastings, Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin, Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery and Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields are the main protagonists of the show who deals with different levels of problems. But nothing is scarier than the past that haunts the future and lets you remember what you did before. Their lives started to fall-apart after the uncertain disappearance of Alison who stands as the group leader. They meet “A” who always made their lives miserable not to mention their own family and love life problems. However, despite of their downfall they remained strong and are determined to find the real culprit.

As the story continues, Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 11: Moments later will give us a good start for the year 2011. The girls are back with more problems to deal while “A” is laughing on their back. But it seems that this show has lots of surprises and sizzling scenes to offer. After what “A” did to her, Hanna was rushed into the hospital and has an encounter with Alison but she is not sure whether it is just a hallucination or it is really Alison.

Alison in flesh, could you believe that? No one knows but the Pretty Little Liars. Catch up and watch Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 11: Moments Later Online which is scheduled for release this 3rd or January 2011 at 8/7 central right after the previous episode marathon.

Watch Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 11 online here at otvo.tv. which is entitled as “Moments Later.” The series that stars Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings), Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwall), Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis), Nia Peeples (Pam Fields), Laura Leighton (Ashley Marin), Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery), Bianca Lawson (Maya St. Germain), Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz), Lucy Kate Hale (Aria Montgomery), Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery), Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), Troian Avery Bellisario (Spencer Hastings), Igor Hudacek Jr. (Mike Montgomery), and Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery) return in January 3, 2011 with a shocking revelations and another mystery unravels.
Here’s the synopsis of Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 11 – Moments Later:

Hanna is now in the hospital and has an encounter with Alison, but she is not sure whether it is just a hallucination or it is really Alison. The girls try to figure out who “A” could be.

Watch out for this episode here on or after its official air date in the US.

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, a new piece of evidence leads the police to conclude that tom Cavanaugh is the one who killed Alison, making him as wanted for the murder case. However, the four girls have their doubts that the police nabbed the right suspect. Meanwhile, when Hanna was unexpectedly taken out of the guest list of Mona’s birthday party, the other girls continued the plan to scope out the scene and see if “A” is also in attendance. Not long enough, Hanna sneaks into the party and finally spotted the mysterious “A” leaving behind a clue. The sad part, however, Hanna was run over by a car and her discovery yields to possibly fatal results. Next on the show, Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11: Moments Later online at vidmines.com.

Pretty Little Liars is a teen drama series airing every Tuesdays at 8:00 Pm on the ABC Family. It talks about the lives of four prettiest girls in Rosewood, Pennsylvania who share the ugliest secrets in town. Alison, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna are best friends and they are considered the most popular girls in Rosewood High School. During the sleepover party, Alison, the leader and queen bee of the group, disappeared mysteriously. The remaining girls started to part ways and decided to keep secret what happened during that night. A year after that event, however, the girls started to receive strange messages form an anonymous person using the name “A” who threatens to reveal their deepest secrets.

Find out if the girls will be able to know A’s identity in the comeback of the TV series. Watch Pretty Little Liars Episode 11: Moments Later to be aired on January 3, 2011.

They’re hot, sexy, stunning and they are ‘Pretty Little Liars’. ABC’s pinch on America’s colorful teen lives was really an eye- candy, and everyone knows that. ABC colors Sara Shepard vividly, “Bookish”, probably, but not the type of canned good that was flavored with obnoxious additives and instigates a cancer that will eats your interest down to the last drop, the reason why people urge to watch Pretty Little Liars. Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily, they were sexy in their own boots and their jeans fit them well. They are really doing the job well, they are not the kind of icons that ages with time.

Anyway, the first wave of ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars” was messing with the televiewers’ excitatory receptors. I really love the show for dragging me in the edge of my seat. Thrills, twist, drama, scandals, it was all baked well by ABC, no doubt it hooks an A+.

Taking a recap on the last episode, it was rant squeezing my brain for a conclusion for that cliff-hanger. Mona’s party was really a bash to summer’s finale. I wonder who really is “A”? Is it Ian? I was freaking bemused already, I am sure that I’m not the only one who’s itching to watch Pretty Little Liars’ next episode to hitch the next drift.

It was reported that ABC will adding 12 episodes for the 1st season and the first one will kick off on January 3rd 2011. Trailing last episode’s cliff-hanger, Hanna finds herself in the hospital and has a faceoff with Alison (I thought she’s freaking dead), but she is not sure whether it is just a hallucination or it is really Alison, and the girls visit Hanna in the hospital.

Hanna is now in the hospital and has an encounter with Alison, but she is not sure whether it is just a hallucination or it is really Alison, and the girls visit Hanna in the hospital.

It seems like little dirty secrets can’t be hide anymore, watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11: Moments Later to see how the clique unwind a tangled thread.

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 FULL

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 now! This is truly a captivating show that has smashed almost everybody who got in their way. Well, when we talk about great shows, Desperate Housewives should be included in the list of your “what to watch list” today. And now that it is here today, you would probably watch this. This is the Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 ready to entertain you and it is getting hotter and hotter every week. You better watch the FULL VIDEO about the upcoming episode now at the link below.

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I know that we all miss DH and to watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11: Assassins is one of the best thing to spend our night habit this new year. This is the brand new episode of ABC television series Desperate Housewives for the year 2011 and was spectacularly bring the TV series to next level.

This is the episode synopsis of this show:

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Assassins” Season 7 Episode 11 – Susan’s life hangs in the balance after being trampled by the rioting mob on Wisteria Lane; the fate of Paul Young is revealed following the aftermath of the riot, but who shot him?; Keith moves in with Bree but is shocked when Orson pays a surprise visit; Gaby finds it difficult to purge all traces of Grace from her life in order to repair her relationship with Juanita; and Renee wrestles with telling Lynette the truth about her past with Tom, on “Desperate Housewives,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 2 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Desperate Housewives” stars Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis, Vanessa Williams as Renee Perry, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis, Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Kathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskey, Kevin Rahm as Lee McDermott, Tuc Watkins as Bob Hunter, Mark Moses as Paul Young, with Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young and James Denton as Mike Delfino. Also starring Charlie Carver as Porter Scavo, Joshua Logan Moore as Parker Scavo, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Penny Scavo, Madison de la Garza as Juanita Solis and Mason Vale Cotton as MJ Delfino.

Guest starring are Emily Bergl as Beth Young, Daniella Baltodano as Celia Solis, Brian Austin Green as Keith Watson, Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge, Harriet Sansom Harris as Felicia Tillman, Stephanie Faracy as Miss Charlotte, David Brisbin as Dr. Sugarman, Jodi Long as Dr. Lunt, Catherine Carlen as Bess, Derek Webster as Det. Harrison, Matthew Glave as Det. Foster, Michelle Duffy as Judy, Shauna Markey as mother, Angela Bullock as female prison guard, Dale Waddington as nurse and Casper Brindle as cab driver.

“Assassins” was written by John Paul Bullock III and directed by David Warren.

Each episode features a high-positioned executive or the owner of a corporation going undercover as an entry-level employee in their own company. The executive changes appearance and assumes an alias and fictional back-story. The fictitious explanation for the accompanying camera crew is that the executive is being filmed as part of a documentary about entry-level workers in a particular industry. They spend approximately one week undercover, working in various areas of the company’s operations, with a different job and in most cases a different location each day. The boss is exposed to a series of predicaments with amusing results and invariably spends time getting to know selected company employees, learning about their professional and personal challenges.

At the end of the undercover week, the boss returns to true identity and calls in the selected employees to corporate headquarters. The boss rewards hardworking employees through campaign, promotion or financial rewards. Other employees are given training or better working conditions.

Plot Summary:

Paul finds out that Beth is Felicia Tilman’s daughter; a therapist asks Carlos and Gabrielle to erase Grace from their lives; Susan finds out she needs to go to the hospital every 48 hours; Renee tells the secret between her and Tom to Lynette; Orson returns and Bree’s relationship with Keith is questioned; detectives try to find the person responsible for shooting Paul Young.

Why would you watch this? Well, so simple, this show truly rocks! Watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 now! Be sure you will because if not, you will loss 100% of entertainment that you should gain.

This show is just so hot. I believe many people had been looking for this and now that it is here. You will really love to watch this.

I am just impressed with Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11. It is so amazing and every time I watch it, it rocks my world up and down. Cool isn’t it?

You better watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 now because the link above contains the FULL VIDEO in high definition format of the whole episode. Was that sounds good? Watch it now!

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11 FULL

Watch Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11 now! This is a welcome show for all of us that will surely give us an entertainment. I also know that you have been waiting for this. If you are too eager for this show, then you don’t have to worry. Well, don’t make your head break down just for that because we have that just for you, for FREE. We are not doing this all the time but we just feel the need of doing so this time. Why? We are just being good. We will provide you the FULL VIDEO of Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11. Enjoy and belated happy holidays!

Click Here to Download "Brothers & Sisters" Episodes for Free | HD Quality

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11 is entitled “Scandalized”. Now, what would probably happen in this episode? Nora’s seemingly innocent date night scandalizes every couple in the Walker family, while Kitty’s new relationship with Seth sparks a flurry of internet gossip and an unexpected reaction by Kitty’s boss, on “Brothers & Sisters,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 2 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Brothers & Sisters” stars Dave Annable as Justin Walker, Sally Field as Nora Holden, Calista Flockhart as Kitty Walker, Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker, Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell, Gilles Marini as Luc Laurent, Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker, Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden and Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper.

Guest starring are Edwina Findley as Jill, Evan Jones as Dan, John Terry as Dr. Karl Banks, Odette Yustman as Annie, Isabella Rae Thomas as Olivia, Helen Eigenberg as Mona, Tina Huang as the E.R. doctor, Ryan Devlin as Seth, Ann Marie Lee as Trisha, Ingrid Walters as Leah, Cristine Rose as Dean Danielle Whitley, Cantrell Harris as Michael and Damon Dayoub as the firefighter.

“Scandalized” was written by Veronica Becker and Sarah Kucserka and directed by Bethany Rooney.Again, in order to watch Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11, you only need to click the link above and it is all yours. The link contains the LIVE STREAM in high definition format and it is very cool.

The show is centered on the Walker family, an American family of Irish and Jewish heritages. Some of the family members are involved in the family-owned business running Ojai Industries d/b/a Ojai Food Co, a produce distributor and wine producer. Most of the action is set in the Greater Los Angeles area. The family home is located in Pasadena, California. The main branches of the Walker family tree included father William (deceased) (Tom Skerritt), mother Nora (Sally Field), and their five grown children—Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin. Nora’s brother, Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) helps run the Walker family business and is involved in most of the family’s affairs.

The show’s narrative launched with the death of William Walker at Kitty’s birthday party. His death causes a number of secrets from his life to be revealed—secrets that impact the remainder of his family.

Other main storylines throughout the series include: the personal, political (usually through Robert and Kitty’s and later Kevin’s careers) and professional lives of Nora and all the brothers and sisters; their relationships with each other; interaction with Rebecca and her mother (William’s mistress) Holly; and the running of the family business Ojai Industries d.b.a. Ojai Foods—which is mostly looked after by Saul, Sarah and Tommy along with Holly and Rebecca from season 3 onwards.
Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11 is one of the best TV shows that makes people crazy. So, if it is your first time to watch it, then you are lucky because this show is really great.

So, don’t waste your time waiting because the actions are getting hotter and hotter. Watch Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 11 now!

This is a nice show. We are here to make your life more and more great. This is just a wonderful show. Watch it now!

Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12 FULL

As we celebrate the New Year earlier, we will also witness one of the first shows that will hit today, January 2, 2011. You better watch this show now because this is truly exciting. Watch the Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12 and you will surely enjoy. I am sure you will really enjoy watching this. So, are we watching it? Of course, we also have the FULL VIDEO at the link below. You better check it out now!


If you wanna know what will happen in this episode, well here it is for you.

UNDERCOVER BOSS “Norwegian Cruise Line” Season 2 Episode 12 – Kevin Sheehan, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the world’s largest cruise companies, finds himself in uncharted territory when he’s asked to lead nearly 1,000 party-goers in a line dance, and is later forced to reveal his true identity after being recognized by an employee, on UNDERCOVER BOSS, Sunday, Jan. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

And what’s good in it is, there will be a new feature of the show. Kevin Sheehan had a heck of a time on some recent cruises. First, he was roundly mocked by a tough-talking co-worker for his substandard deck work. Then he flopped in an effort to lead a thousand passengers in a line dance.

Wait. I supposed voyages were thought to be fun. They might be for viewers who tune in to watch Sheehan, 57, learn the ropes on the CBS reality TV show “Undercover Boss” at 9 p.m. PST Sunday. “Every single task I did was overwhelmingly hard 80% of the time,” the chief executive of Norwegian Cruise Line said in a phone interview. “I look like a goober because I couldn’t do the stuff. I wish I were 25 years younger and in better shape.”

The star of Sunday’s episode of the CBS reality show “Undercover Boss” is Locust Valley’s Kevin Sheehan, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines.
On the show (airing at 9 p.m. on Ch. 2), the boss usually gets away without being recognized. But this time, it was different for Sheehan, who hails from Jackson Heights and taught at Adelphi. During the taping in late September and early October, a waitress on the cruise ship Norwegian Epic “recognized some feature or other and screamed my name. We effectively brought her undercover” as well, he told my Newsday contributing colleague Frank Lovece. “”From what I understand, it was the first time there’s been such a blatant discovery on the show.”

Oh, before we forget about the FULL VIDEO offer above, let me remind you that it contains the whole episode in a very HIGH DEFINITION format. Watch this show of Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12 now.

So, watch Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12 now and get the entertainment that you always deserve. I assure you, this is one of the best shows you will ever watch in your whole life. Watch now at the link given above.

I’m sure you will enjoy the rest of the show. This is Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12and it’s more than a show, it’s the best show ever. Watch now!

The New Year of Dexter

What would it be? What would be The New Year of Dexter?

Well, at the first place, it would be great, greater than anything we could imagine. But, we can't avoid the negative truths to partially cloud our thoughts; however, in general, it would be great!

It is always favorable if we will start on the negative part before we will rock our heads up.

First, this year will be a little bit dramatic or emotional to our man in Dexter, Michael C. Hall. Of course, we all know about what happened to their marriage. But, I think the main issue here is their relationship after that knowing that they will be both present in Dexter's shooting for Season 6.

Second and this will be the last; this will be a lot of waiting! Dexter will not be returning sooner and we need to extend our patience before time runs out.

Now, the most exciting part which is the party people time.

Yes! We must ready ourselves for a very huge and elegant party ever for another season of Dexter. Like what we did in the New Year's Eve, we should do that in welcoming, accepting, and waiting for Dexter Season 6. It is just a privilege to have that show in out TV's.

This New Year for Dexter will be huge. I mean lots of things will happen and though we are perfectly sure, we all know that we would be magnificently entertained again.

Happy New Year to everyone, especially to our favorite serial killer!

V Review - Season Two Premiere

V Review - Season Two Premiere
V is an ambitious show for a network to undertake. It’s sci-fi to the core, with visual style and an effects budget that superior series’ would have loved. The show gets just about everything right.

Download V Episodes

January 2011 Film Release Schedule

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Blue Valentine
Hunting Lane Films

Jan 5

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
Film Movement

Jan 7

Country Strong
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Untitled Ivan Reitman Comedy

Jan 14

The Dilemma
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The Woodmans
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The Company Men
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Mumbai Dairies
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The Way Back

Jan 28

From Prada to Nada

The Mechanic
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When We Leave
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Taylor Lautner Wasn’t Prepared For “Twilight” Fame

Taylor Lautner Wasn’t Prepared For “Twilight” Fame

Taylor Lautner didn't know what he was letting himself in for when he signed up for the first 'Twilight Saga'.

The 18-year-old actor – who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire saga – admits the level of fame and attention he has received because of the vampire franchise was a huge surprise.

He said: "I just met the director and had no idea what I was getting myself into."

However, the teenage star insists he has no regrets about any of his time in the movie series and is delighted with how his career is panning out.

He added: "It's been great from then on".

Taylor – who is expected to make over $25 million for 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn', which will be split into two movies – also praised his "supportive" family, saying that they help to keep his feet on the ground.

He said: "I'm definitely thankful to have a supportive family, I wouldn't have been able to do it without them."

The actor recently admitted he still lives at home with his parents, and is expected to help out around the house.

He said: "I help out with the lawn, garbage, dishes".

Even when he is away filming, Taylor's parents don't let him off his duties when he returns to the family home.

He joked: "When I come back, I have extra mowing to do."

Supernatural News & Events • Eonline! Poll: Best TV Show of 2010!

Please vote for Supernatural in this poll by eonline!


Don't let us lose against Castle!!! Poll ends Jan 3, 2011!!!
Statistics: Posted by Eileen — January 1st, 2011, 2:48 pm

Plot Details of 'Thor' Leaked

The first official trailer for "Thor" was debuted by Paramount Pictures almost a month ago but there is still plenty that we don't know about the film. However, some details have now been leaked to provide spoilers ahead of the film release.

The major spoilers first came out on SuperHeroHype forums and were then confirmed by Comic Book Movie's source. [SPOILER ALERT!] It says the film will start with Natalie Portman's Jane, Kat Dennings' Darcy and Stellan Skarsgard's Professor Andrews in a van out in the New Mexico desert observing a phenomenon in the sky. This is when Chris Hemsworth's Thor drops to Earth. Jane accidentally hits him with her van and she does that again later in the film.

Over at Asgard, Thor is seen in a flashback scene where he is about to be anointed king by his dad, Anthony Hopkins' Odin, when two Frost people infiltrate the palace and try to steal a "casket" which Odin got during a battle with the Frost people on their planet. Thor tries to convince his dad to wage war against the Frost people after they broke the truce with Asgard.

Odin refuses; Thor, Loki and 3 other soldiers end up going to the frost planet alone. Odin comes to the rescue just as the Frost people are about to kill Thor and his warriors.

Inside his detention cell, Thor is visited by Loki who tells him that his father has died. Thor confronts the Destroyer, and apologizes to Loki (via a conduit with the Destroyer) about what caused him to be resentful of Thor after becoming king of Asgard. It was actually Loki who helped the Frost people infiltrate the Asgard palace. Loki made a deal with the Frost king that he would help the Frost king kill Odin in exchange for Loki assuming complete control of Asgard (it will later be revealed that Loki was lying to the Frost king).

Thor destroys the Destroyer by a blow to the head by his Hammer. A romantic scene sees Thor sharing a kiss with Jane before going back to Asgard to confront Loki, who kills the Frost king just as he is about to kill Odin.

Out on the rainbow bridge, Thor defeats Loki. He and Loki are hanging along the edge of the bridge and are about to be sucked into a wormhole when Odin (who regained consciousness when Thor returned to Asgard) comes to their rescue. Loki tells Odin that he "did this all for him", but Odin replies that he didn't want peace "like this". Loki realizes he failed his father once again and lets go of the bridge, falling into the wormhole.

Back in the Asgard palace, all is well. Thor, on what remains of the Rainbow bridge, asks the Gatekeeper (Idris Elba) what Jane is doing back on Earth and he replies, "She is searching for you." Thor had to destroy the rainbow bridge (with his Hammer), which was his only way to get to Earth, because Loki threatens to go to Earth and kill Jane. Final shot of the film is of Jane, Darcy and Professor Andrews inside a room working on their science equipment.

Stan Lee's cameo is additionally described. He plays a truck driver who tries to pull the Hammer out of the ground (in the crater scene shown at the end of "Iron Man 2") by chaining it to the back of his truck. He fails in the attempt.

Said to be seen during a screening of a rough cut from upcoming "Thor", not all of the details mentioned above will appear in the film. Even if they all do appear, it may be not in the chronological order.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the action fantasy movie will hit theaters across the nation on May 6, 2011.

Video Premiere: Emily Osment's 'Lovesick

Emily Osment's "Lovesick" music video makes its way out over the weekend. The clip features the "Hannah Montana" star doing some robotic moves and singing the song in a dark room with lights glowing around her.

"My entire idea for the music video was based around a robot concept, about robot love," the 18-year-old songstress said. "How love is universal and all that." She had already got the idea about this video while she was recording the song in studio.

"Lovesick" is co-written by Osment, Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins. It appears in her debut album "Fight or Flight" which has been in stores since September 2010. Unlike the robot concept of "Lovesick" video, "the first thing I envisioned for this [album] photo shoot was the red dress and the combat boots and that was the first thing we did," she explained. "And the hair was just massive and awesome."