Apr 14, 2010

Download Ondine Movie (2010)

Ondine Movie

Ondine Movie

Who did believe on fairy tales here some times in movies fairy things can be happen and it makes lot of attractions for the audience. Ondine Movie (2010) is one of the movies that have the sprit of fairy tale and some did have all ready entered it to the list of movies to be seen in future. Good movie news fallen around the movie very rapidly and after been some matters to be solve as when to released after a late start of its proceedings now the movie been completed so well.

These short of movies not only been group to one crowd and some of the teens to those did enjoy drama movies are in love with seen the movie and it was one big change made by the movie. How ever some times movie fans did have to wait to see what is going on and the movie was fallen very slowly too. How ever this movie was more into drama about the sudden change of a fisher man found the love and luck of his world with his net. He having caught the mysterious creature that could be the change life ever expected from him. Some times in life these things can be happen and it was what mostly the main target of the movie and director drives the movie drama into some of the serious places about making love to some one who really don’t use to be normal as others.

The director of the movie Neil Jordan have made lot of movies as this one before and one might get to the head as his name speaks Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) is one of the most favorites among America. He has won the Oscars also and what a nice movie director he was for years now. It was more faction is predicted and as the movie tale grows with more pleasing tale about the one who brought the miracles for the fisher man and he falls badly with her in love.

Some of these movies are finding hard to reach for the fans with having nothing much to prove even it can be happen in any how and this time around the movie Ondine (2010) it work well for the movie makers to add a child who really think of she was a magical invention and it does make some short of believe in the heads of fans too. Movie into more factional with the time been and one of the main features of the movie was the dark evil forces comes to take the angle back and the battle begins. Most of the entire movie was based on how man could be fooled and blind with the love and some times people do get into love and find some of the rashes of life. Mistery in the movie has made the kids lit up for the adventures and which was there to be sure as the plot been out released.

In this movie most of the tale been fascinating to see and some times the drama in the movie was fancier to see. The cast of it really been the major enroller and here Collin Farrell along Stephen Rea, Alicja Bachleda and Alison Barry joins in the movie and lot of new faces been highly recommendable too. How ever about the there are some concerns about the released date and most of the source did said it was due to be released on 4 June 2010. Most of the director’s credits are all ready up geared and most of the movie cast is too having some popularity all right.

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Heroes Season 4, Episode 19 Brave New World

Heroes Season 4, Episode 19 Brave New World

Air Date Monday February 8, 2010

Episode Summary

As Noah's life hangs in the balance, Samuel prepares to kill thousands and Peter and the others must band together to stop him and save Emma.

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What's On Tonight: 'The Middle,' 'In Plain Sight,' The End of 'Ugly Betty'

Here's tonight's TV lineup (all times Eastern). All shows listed are new, unless otherwise noted.

8:00 to 9:00

ABC: 'The Middle' -- Starts at 8:30

CBS: 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' and 'Accidentally on Purpose'

The CW: 'America's Next Top Model'

Fox: 'Human Target'

G4: 'Web Soup'

9;00 to 10:00

ABC: 'Modern Family' and 'Cougar Town'

CBS: 'Criminal Minds'

The CW: 'Fly Girls' and 'High Society'

Fox: 'American Idol' -- Results show. Special guest Adam Lambert

BBC America: 'Peep Show' and 'That Mitchell and Webb Look'

Discovery: 'Mythbusters'

SyFy: 'Ghost Hunters'

10:00 to 11:00

ABC: 'Ugly Betty' -- Series finale


A&E: 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and 'Billy the Exterminator'

Comedy Central: 'South Park' »

Bones Season 5, Episode 16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Bones Season 5, Episode 16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Air Date Thursday April 8, 2010

Episode Summary

In the 100th episode, Booth and Brennan tell Sweets about a mistake in his book. Sweets is shocked to learn of this mistake, and asks Booth and Brennan to reveal the truth. They agree, and flash back to the first time they worked on a case together. The formation and evolution of their relationship, as well as the relationships of the other Jeffersonian workers, is examined.

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Desperate Housewives Season 6, Episode 18 My Two Young Men

Desperate Housewives Season 6, Episode 18 My Two Young Men

Air Date Sunday March 21, 2010

Episode Summary
Susan and Gabrielle go to extreme and shameless lenghts to top each other's kids, whereas Bree invites Sam (guest star Sam Page) over for a family dinner. A party is thrown for Mrs. McCluskey after she beats cancer, and Lynette thinks there is more to Preston's fiancée (guest star Helena Mattsson as Irina) than she's letting on. Meanwhile, Katherine comes out of the closet, though not willingly.

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Chuck Season 3, Episode 13 Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Chuck Season 3, Episode 13 Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Shaw teams up with Chuck and Sarah to find the Ring operative who is behind the killing of his wife - The Director.
Meanwhile, Morgan considers quitting his job to go with Chuck.

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Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 18 The Unblairable Lightness Of Being

Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 18 The Unblairable Lightness Of Being

Episode Summary

Chuck offers to throw Dorota's wedding before Dorota's parent's arrive from Poland and see her pregnant and without a husband. Dorota asks Blair and Chuck to be part of the ceremony and walk her down the aisle. Meanwhile, Serena lies to Nate telling him she's having breakfast with the Humphreys when in reality she goes to meet with Carter Baizen. Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about where she is.

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'Ugly Betty' cast members share their memories

Filming might be over, but Ugly Betty cast members still had Betty on the brain at Axelle Fine Arts Gallery in New York City Monday during a charity auction for Save the Children. America Ferrera, an ambassador for the nonprofit group, and other cast members came out to help auction off original paintings featured in the episode ”The Passion of Betty” in hopes of funding the construction of a school in Mali. ”I believe children all over the world deserve a chance at bettering their lives and their situations,” Ferrera said. But before handing off pieces of Betty history to the highest bidders, the cast sat down with EW.com to chat about their memories as the series heads toward its final episode tonight.

On her castmates: ”It’s a wonderful for them to give up their night and come away from their families to be here supporting something I care so deeply about. [There's] an overwhelming amount of love in the cast.”

Why the show was important to TV: ”I feel like when the show came on the scene it was truly, truly unique. There was nothing that looked like it or felt like it. There had never been a TV show that centered around a young, smart Latina girl. And that was huge. I also think that what the characters Justin, Mark Indelicato, and Marc, played Michael Urie, did for the gay community was tremendous. [The show] just felt like it was truly a home for the underdog. That’s what sticks out when I think about it.”

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ANA ORTIZ (Hilda Suarez)
Her favorite moments: ”The opening show of season 2, with Santos and Hilda, I think that’s definitely one of my favorite moments of the show and moments for Hilda. There was also – probably less memorable to everyone else but to me it was really special – there was an episode shortly after Santos died where Justin’s character was acting all gangster, acting out, getting in fights, and Hilda and he really had to find their way back to each other and deal with each other. That was really special because that’s when I knew that Mark Indelicato was one of the finest actors I knew. And to see this little kid blossom into this wonderful actor and have a scene partner like that was really wonderful. And to be quite honest, I think this wedding episode was one of my favorites, too. Justin’s character coming out to the family, Hilda finally finding her true love, Betty realizing her dreams, it just all solidified. It had the danger of becoming packed and sort of becoming pedestrian, but the writers did such an amazing job keeping it really Betty and keeping it funny, charming, and intimate. And I got to wear a wedding dress!”

What Ugly Betty meant to her: ”I can’t tell you what an honor it’s been to be part of such an iconic Latin family. I’m going to get emotional! It’s meant so much [tears up] in my community just walking down the streets and hearing Oh my God, that’s my family. Just hearing that and seeing young people recognize themselves not only in Betty, but in Hilda and Justin and Papi. It was so incredible. To take that one step further, I heard that from non-Latino families. It’s really about representing working-class, real, blue-collar families when most of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck and figuring out how to pay our health care. It just wasn’t being shown on TV.”

On ”little Mark”: ”[America and I] made a pact with one another that we want to stay in little Mark’s life. We call him ‘little Mark’ but he’s taller than both of us. But we’ve always called him little Mark and little Mark he shall remain. We want to make sure that we continue to stay in his life because for all intents and purposes, we are his family and he is ours.”

Favorite Hilda line: (after ripping out Gina Gambarro’s hair extension) ”It looks like we now owe you four thousand dollars…and fifty cents.”

Second-favorite line: ”When Hilda was selling HerbaLex and her motto was ‘You gotta look it to be it! That’s the Herbalux way.’ America and I always did that. That was our little private joke.”

VANESSA WILLIAMS (Wilhelmina Slater)
On her favorite Betty scene: ”When Michael Urie and I were stuck in Queens and we were approached some ladies of the evening in the corner who wanted to attack me for my fur, and we ended up running down the street and finding shelter in the church and I took my heel and broke open the collection box to get money. It was a great start to a wonderful four years.” [Episode: ''Lose the Boss'']

On the show’s famous one-liners: ”The thing about Betty is that you have to be willing to make fun of yourself. You can call every other character a name. I love the fact that Wilhelmina never remembered Amanda’s name ever. You have to be willing to have people joke about you, especially my [character]. I was always attacked for my ageism, my being cold, my being friends with Dick Cheney – that was always a hilarious running gag.”

JUDITH LIGHT (Claire Meade)
Favorite scene to film: ”[One of the most] memorable scenes is the scene I did with Vanessa with the two of us in the pool. You know, it was so easy. They had orchestrated it so beautifully so that there wasn’t a lot of really anything. I went in first and did some of my coverage, and she came in did some of her coverage. Then the two of us said, ‘Let us just do this.’ The ease of it was really something that really surprised me. I knew Vanessa and I were going to have fun together, but we were like two little girls having this wonderful time in the pool.” [Episode: ''The Past Presents the Future'']

Her favorite quote of Claire’s: ”You seem surprised — yet your eyebrows haven’t moved at all.”

Why Betty was important: ”The show is a stealth weapon because of what it did under the guise of this world of fashion and this exciting New York life. What it really did was it brought home that this young woman was the sage, the wise one, the one with the integrity, the one with the clarity, and for all intents and purposes she looked like ‘the other.’ And everybody, I don’t care who you are, doesn’t feel like they’re the right stuff. Everybody has a Betty inside of them, and so I think for everyone, it touched their hearts in a way that was extremely rare.

On America Ferrera: ”She’s an extraordinary woman. That was the other part of the stealth weapon: casting her. Not only is she a brilliant actress, but she an extraordinary human being. She’s old beyond her years. I mean, I’ve never seen anything quite like her. She carried this with grace and equanimity. She’s powerful and generous and smart. If I had had a child, a daughter…”

Favorite plot twist: ”The story that I had actually killed Fey Summers and all the twists and turns that happened before I actually went to prison.”

Favorite memory on the show: ”I shot a scene with America on the front steps [during the last episode], which people have seen pictures of, and we are reenacting the scene we did in the pilot. It was my favorite because it was sort of a blast from the past, like déjà vu, sitting on those same steps saying close to the same words. You know, it’s kind of like just where it all started, and one of my fondest memories in shooting the pilot ended up being one of my favorite moments shooting the series.”

On an…Ugly Betty movie(?!?): ”It settled in pretty quick for me that it was over, and I wasn’t going to get to be Justin any more – at least for a while. Let’s do a movie! That’s what I say.”

Why Ugly Betty was an important show: ”It was a show led by a Latina girl. Not even a Latino period, but a Latina woman. And also, we are a very, very diverse cast, everyone knows that, and that’s one of the reasons the show was so famous. We’re all so very different and that’s what made us amazing. That’s why [viewers], especially the gay community, were so accepting of the show the way that it is. It’s kind of like Lady Gaga. A lot of people don’t understand her, but you love her. Sometimes people don’t understand Betty, but you love her.

Best Betty plot shocker: ”When Wilhelmina got shot. That was just crazy!”

Favorite memory: “For me, the best moments were when we shot our Bahamas episodes because it was so nice to have this group of people in this exotic locale and work during the day and have a great time at night. I came in during the third season and they’re such a tight family, but I always felt so welcome by everyone and became close friends with most of the cast. So for me, that was the nicest time because we got to kick back by the great pool, go to clubs together, and do stuff we never would have done.”

Most memorable scene: ”The last scene my character has on the show was in front of the arch in Washington Square Park, where I say goodbye to Betty. And when I walked up there and saw the arch all lit up and all the cast and crew getting ready for a long night of shooting, I kind of got a lump in my throat because I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to work in the city I love on the show I love.”

On why he’ll miss the show: ”Everything on the air now, it seems like it’s either a lawyer show, a cop show, or some kind of medical drama. It’s so limited. So to see a show with a heroine like Betty with her family and the challenges she faces as a single woman. You just don’t see a lot of those shows on television.”

Lost Season 6, Episode 12 Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Lost Season 6, Episode 12 Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Air Date Tuesday April 13, 2010

Episode Summary

Hurley worries over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp.

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After some questionable installments, SMALLVILLE is back with a great, plot heavy episode

Grade: B
Stars: Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman
Writer(s): John Chisholm (II)
Director: Tim Scanlan
Release Date: Friday April 9, 2010
Rating: NR

Was or me, or did it seem like a whole lot happened during “Checkmate” that no one really saw coming? In SMALLVILLE, Checkmate is the name of the ultra top secret government organization. It had been mentioned before, namely during the two hour “Absolute Justice”, but not much had been said about it since. That is until now. And in the process, it just made you question what direction the season was headed in. All the signs pointed towards a Clark/Zod (Tom Welling/Callum Blue) showdown. While that still may happen, it became obvious that there is more going on in the background than anyone was aware of.

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Checkmate has decided to aggressively start recruiting/pursuing the members of Watchtower to prepare for the impending war with Zod’s alien army. First Oliver (Justin Hartley) and then Chloe (Allison Mack) are kidnapped. Checkmate’s goal is to secure Clark’s loyalty and to gain access to Watchtower’s database. Of course Clark is able to rescue Chloe, while Oliver is able to spring himself free. That is the most basic of gist of what happened.

Here’s what we really learned. Tess (Cassidy Freeman) is, or more correctly, was a member of Checkmate. Because she helped Clark and Oliver rescue Chloe, she must now go into hiding. John (Phil Morris) is a member of another super secret organization. Checkmate may be out of the picture, but another covert agency apparently is taking the lead in regards to the “alien” problem that the world is facing. Who or what this organization is has yet to be revealed.

While “Checkmate” may be plot heavy, it seems to have adversely affected other aspects of the episode. Take the acting, for example. It felt overblown and melodramatic, even for SMALLVILLE. Not even the usually solid Tom Welling was immune to some bad deliveries. And what was with the MATRIX like “Bullet time” special effects? Once or twice during an episode is cool and can really add some weight, but “Checkmate” overused the effect to the point were it was simply getting in the way in of helping to tell the story.

But nitpicking aside, “Checkmate” definitely puts SMALLVILLE back on track after a string of subpar episodes. It also drives the season forward, provoking the viewer into asking several questions. What will happen to Tess? Who does John work for? And most importantly, what is the deal with this unknown agency?

Now that we’re entering the last quarter of the season (and that it was recently announced that the show will be returning for Season Ten), SMALLVILLE looks to crank up the heat and nail us with episodes like “Checkmate.” It’s good to see the slump may be over, that’s for sure. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but from the looks of it, whatever does occur promises to be exciting, unexpected, and will have fans of SMALLVILLE drooling for more.

24 - SEASON EIGHT - '8 am to 9 am'

Really? Did they have to do that thing to that person? Really? Once again, Jack gets hosed, but the ramifications are going to be huge as the series heads into its final episodes

Grade: B+
Writer(s): David Fury
Director: Milan Cheylov
Release Date: April 12, 2010

With all the crap Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has had to endure over eight seasons on 24 – it’s his personal life that’s taken the biggest beating.

His wife was killed by his former lover Nina Myers, his daughter became cougar bait time and again, he fell in love and had a great relationship with Audrey Raines, only to see that crumble.

And now, NOW, he finally finds a sympatico partner in Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), someone who gets the torture, pain and conflicted moral dilemma he’s had to go through, and then, once again, it’s all taken away from him.

Yes, last night gave Jack and Renee a quiet moment to have wild sex. And it’s the kind of sex Jack no doubt needed, since he hasn’t gotten any intimate action in quite some time.

So while the two of them are hoppin' around in the sack like teenage bunnies, there’s this Russian guy who wants her dead. It seems Renee recognized him briefly sneaking around the crime scene of where President Hassan was brutally murdered last week. The man was around when Renee went undercover with the Russians six years ago. She would likely figure out the connection sooner or later, so, she has to go.

And Jack Bauer too.

But, that’s Jack’s curse. After they’re done humpin’ and grindin’, Jack goes to the kitchen, and Renee picks up Jack’s phone. It’s Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub). Chloe says their only remaining alive suspect from the Hassan crime scene died at CTU – someone had slipped him something so he couldn’t talk.

Renee gets up to tell Jack and – BLAM!

Download 24 - SEASON EIGHT - '8 am to 9 am'

Sniper fire.

It’s all over for Renee. But there’s tons of tension as Jack rushes her to the hospital. We hope, for once, someone Jack loves can get out of being with him sane and alive, but it’s not to be.


Renee is dead.

Damn! That really does blow, but in terms of emotional resonance, it really brings the series full circle now that it’s coming to an end. The last woman Jack truly loved was his wife Teri and now the one woman he was allowing himself to love again has died in a horrible, work-related death.

Now it comes to down to how he handles the death of Renee. Will he go on a Dirty Harry vendetta throughout the rest of the season, or does he realize, in the end, he’s destined to be unloved and alone.

Big surprise and, as much as I hate to see Renee go, it was a necessary twist to goose the show into the home stretch.

That big moment aside, this was essentially one of those cleaning house episodes of 24 where all the unnecessary characters and subplots are wrapped up and the next, final wave of the story is set into motion.

That means, CTU Chief Brian Hastings (Mykelti Williamson) is out as the head of CTU for all the screw-ups in the last 17 or so hours. In his place, temporarily, is Chloe, who takes charge like no one’s business. No more of this “you’re wrong Chloe, if we do this, it will do this, this and this.” Now it’s Chloe saying “do this, because I know that I’m right” and of course, she is.

I’m lovin’ it. After six seasons of being told she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s finally given the confidence that she does know what she’s doing, and she’s going to be one of those kick ass and take names later kind of chiefs.

Finally a competent head of CTU!!!

Meanwhile, there is potential for President Taylor (Cherry Jones) to save the peace treaty started with Hassan. She, along with representatives from Hassan’s country, convince Hassan's wife to take the mantle, sign the treaty and save the talks.

She reluctantly agrees.

Is this a female empowerment episode or what?

Of course, the Peace Treaty hits a snag when the Russians, who have wanted to pull out of the talks for some time, have concerns about this new wrinkle. We also discover, they’re really the one’s behind all the madness that has happened on this day.

The only person who can save the day, is disgraced (but pardoned) President Logan (Gregory Itzin). He has a great one-on-one with Taylor, where he comes off as slimy as ever. He has ties to the Russians – they love him, and he might be able to keep the Peace Treaty from falling apart.

But, come on, we know the drill. The villain this season has to be Logan. And it’s only a matter of time before Jack finds out and lands a can of whoop ass on him.

So tons of things are happening, as always. The episode was a bit slow in spots, but the pay-off was huge.

Now that the show has adjusted and retooled for the forthcoming final six episodes, this is definitely shaping up to be one of 24’s most pivotal day’s yet. Because however they end this, it’s not going to be about who Jack was, it’s about who Jack will become and what that will mean for the movie franchise in the offing.

And frankly, as sad as I am to see the show go, I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us next.

R.I.P. Renee. You will be missed.

HOUSE - SEASON SIX - 'Lockdown'

Odd couplings reveal some new insights in this outstanding episode

Grade: B+
Stars: Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Sean Leonard, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps
Writer(s): Eli Attie, Peter Blake (IV), Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner
Director: Hugh Laurie
Release Date: Monday, April 12, 2010
Rating: NR
Hugh Laurie directed tonight’s episode, “Lockdown”, and he leveled viewers with an emotionally heavy HOUSE that really tugged at you from so many different angles. There were moments of laugh out loud comedy, scenes of painful sadness, and feelings of genuine relief. To say tonight’s episode was good is a disservice. While “Broken” may still be the high watermark of the season (although “The Tyrant” is still my personal favorite), “Lockdown” was exceptional in its own right. It was a fresh take on what is traditionally a procedural show that resulted in a brilliant all around performance from the director on down.

Download HOUSE - SEASON SIX - 'Lockdown' EPISODE

As mentioned, this was not your typical HOUSE episode. There was no mystery disease and no last second House (Hugh Laurie) heroics. When a newborn goes missing, the hospital goes into lockdown mode (hence the title). Everyone must stay where they are until the lockdown is lifted. That leaves for odd pairings, people who normally don’t interact are now forced to deal with each other for an extended period. In the process, we learn a lot about these characters from a unique perspective.

The pairings are: Chase and Cameron (Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison), Taub and Foreman (Peter Jacobson and Omar Epps), Wilson and Thirteen (Robert Sean Leonard and Olivia Wilde), and House and dying patient named Nash (David Strathairn).

What happens so often during a show is that characters become stuck in a certain mold and never get the opportunity to expand much further. HOUSE consistently does a great job of keeping the characters fresh, but inevitably even these characters can become somewhat predictable.

“Lockdown” gave the cast the opportunity to try out something new. It’s doubtful that you will see a stoned Foreman and Taub joking punch each other in the face, witness Wilson attempt to steal a dollar from the cafeteria, or see Thirteen ever flash anyone again. It’s also extremely doubtful that House will let his guard down as completely as he did with Nash.

But what made “Lockdown” truly phenomenal was seeing how vulnerable, and human, these people are. It was touching to see Chase and Cameron duke it out one last time in an effort to finally figure out what really went wrong in their marriage. It was nice to see Foreman lose the tough guy act for once, as it was just as nice to learn that Taub, contrary to his pushover image, was actually an exceptional and adventurous doctor.

Kudos to HOUSE for straying from its usual path to show us a new side of these characters. And kudos to Hugh Laurie for choosing this episode for his directorial debut. It just goes to show how talented the entire ensemble is. If you’re looking for an episode with an emotional punch, “Lockdown” may just be for you.

Channel Surfing: Billy Campbell Lands The Killing, More on Conan-TBS Deal, NBC Gets Law Order: Los Angeles, and More

Welcome to your Tuesday morning television briefing.

Billy Campbell (The 4400) has been cast as one of the leads in AMC drama pilot The Killing, where he will play Darren Richmond, a City Council President in Seattle. Series, executive produced by Mikkel Bondesen and Veena Sud, revolves around three interlocking stories that are connected by the murder of a young girl. (Hollywood Reporter's The Live Feed)

TBS' deal with Conan O'Brien for a latenight talk show is described as a "watershed moment" by Variety's Stuart Levine, who reports that the cabler's deal with O'Brien will bring more viewers to the channel who may not have come to the comedy-centric cabler before. Deal will create a two-hour latenight block (with George Lopez's Lopez Tonight that will air Mondays through Thursdays on TBS. (Variety)

The Wrap's Josef Adalian has an interview with Turner Broadcasting Company's Steve Koonin about TBS' surprising deal with Conan O'Brien, who will bring his latenight show to the cabler in November. "The most important point is: Conan chose TBS. And he had lots of different opportunities," said Koonin. "We've been very vociferous and vocal about trying to grow our business and saying we're as good as broadcast. To have someone like Conan (come to TBS) ... validates what we've been saying. We are every bit as good as broadcast television. It's a win for the whole (cable industry)." (The Wrap's TVMoJoe)

[Editor: FOX affiliates are said to be relieved that Conan O'Brien won't be coming to their network, according to a report by Broadcasting Cable's Michael Malone, which can be read here.]

Download Law Order: Los Angeles Episodes

George Lopez, meanwhile, will move his TBS latenight talk show Lopez Tonight to midnight in order to accommodate O'Brien's new series. "I want to say that I am completely 100% on board with this move," said Lopez on last night's show. "I talked to Conan on Wednesday and I talked to him last night and I said I welcome you into my deep loving embrace." (Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider)

NBC has allegedly ordered thirteen episodes of Law Order spin-off series Law Order: Los Angeles (a.k.a. LOLA), which it will launch this fall, according to Deadline.com's Nellie Andreeva, who reports that Blake Masters (Brotherhood) has been hired to write the series. However, neither NBC nor executive producer Dick Wolf would comment on the report. Should the move go forward, it's possible that the Peacock will once again be home to at least three iterations of the Law Order franchise (with original-flavor Law Order said to be look to return), but I can't help but wonder if NBC didn't learn its lesson about not shooting pilots first before ordering projects to series. (Deadline.com, The Wrap's TVMoJoe, Fancast)

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is reporting that Diane Keaton is in talks to star in HBO comedy pilot Tilda, from executive producers Bill Condon and Cynthia Mort. Should a deal close, Keaton would play a Hollywood blogger who is said to share some, uh, attributes with Nikki Finke. (Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files)

Looks like Matthew Broderick is getting some company on the beach. Patton Oswalt (Caprica) and Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun) have been cast in NBC comedy pilot Beach Lane, which stars Broderick as an author who is hired by an slacker millionaire named James (Oswalt) to run his newspaper, based in the Hamptons. Johnston will play James' real estate agent step-sister. Project, from Universal Media Studios and Broadway Video, is written/executive produced by Paul Simms. (Variety, Hollywood Reporter)

Reports are swirling that post-apocalyptic drama Survivors (which airs Stateside on BBC America) has been axed by BBC One after just two seasons. "Sadly the BBC aren't going to do any more Survivors," an unnamed source told Total Sci-Fi Online. "They expressed genuine affection for the show and a real desire to go again but felt that with the ratings having slipped a little since the first series they couldn't take the risk. The sad truth is that we're somewhat the victims of having gone out on the main channel - in some ways the exposure is wonderful but in other ways it's a mixed blessing." (via Digital Spy)

TVGuide.com's Natalie Abrams has an interview with V's Joel Gretsch about what's coming up on the ABC sci-fi drama series. "Yeah, he will," said Gretsch, when asked about whether Father Jack would have to choose between being a priest or a soldier. "The episode we're filming now, that question is very much in the forefront. Father Jack is really an unlikely resistance fighter. He's ill-equipped. Even though he was in the war, he was there from more of a spiritual standpoint. Father Jack is a fish out of water, yet he is learning that he's got to do something. He will definitely find his way through this, though it's not an easy road for him and it pushes his moral dilemma." (TVGuide.com)

Pilot casting update: Kyle Howard (My Boys) has been cast opposite Olivia Munn in NBC comedy pilot Perfect Couples; Max Ehrich (The Pregnancy Pact) has been cast in two CBS pilots, Quinn-Tuplets and Team Spitz. (Hollywood Reporter)

Starz is said to be developing two mini-series projects with Ben Silverman's Electus: historical drama William the Conquerer, from executive producer Pierre Morel, and action-thriller Peacekeeper, co-created by Fisher Stevens and Silverman. Move comes after Starz has announced several international co-productions, including Pillars of the Earth and Camelot. (Variety)

Syfy has teamed up with RHI Entertainment to produce two telefilms for the cabler: The Other Side and Roadkill. (Hollywood Reporter)

Scott Free and Tandem have announced that they are developing a mini-series sequel to their upcoming period drama Pillars of the Earth that will be based on Ken Follett's sequel, "World Without End." John Pielmeier will write the script for a possible eight-hour mini-series and Starz will co-finance the development of the project with Tandem. (Variety)

Hasbro Studios has hired Cartoon Network executive Finn Arnesen as SVP of international distribution and development, where he will oversee the studio's international expansion and report to Stephen Davis. (Hollywood Reporter)

Stay tuned.

The Grifters: Schemers and Dreamers on Damages

Just a word of advice: don't mess with the person who knows all of your secrets.

This week's phenomenal episode of Damages ("You Were His Little Monkey"), written by Glenn Kessler and directed by Timothy Busfield, began to draw together the extremely diverse story strands of the series' taut third season before next week's finale. (It's worth noting here that Damages' ultimate fate is unclear and next week's installment may serve as either a season finale or a series finale. I'm hoping it's the former rather than the latter.)

I can't quite wrap my head around how the writers will manage to tie everything up, with Tom's murder, Patty's car accident, the Frobisher case, the Ponzi scheme, African charities, Wes Krulik, feature films, and dreams all in the mix somehow. Yet Damages has proven itself quite adept at building tension throughout the season and bringing together a slew of clues to offer one hell of a final act. Which means even if the series doesn't manage to return for a fourth season, it still will have gone out on an extremely high note.

So what did I think of this week's episode? Let's discuss.

My admonition earlier was thrown right at the Tobins, who this week decided to make a monumentally wrong-headed decision and fire Leonard Winstone. While Joe Tobin was shocked to discover that Leonard wasn't who he said he was, it really doesn't matter at the end of the day whether his name is Winstone or Wiggins: he's the man who literally knows where you buried the bodies. He's been aware of the fraud since the start and knows exactly how to procure the money that's being hidden in the charity with the help of Stuart Zedeck. He knows that Tessa Marchetti is the daughter of Joe Tobin and that Marilyn withheld this information from her son in a bid to get him to silence her forever.

So the question is: if knowledge is power and this man knows all of this, is it wise to make an extremely powerful man angry?

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Yet that's just what Joe Tobin does, having it out with Leonard one final time and sharing with him just what Louis Tobin called him behind his back: his "little monkey," the creature who does his dirty work while he gets to keep his well-manicured hands clean. Leonard Winstone may have been a fraud but he was their fraud, a man so desperate to belong that he convinced himself that he was a valued member of the Tobin family, that he belonged to something bigger than himself. Marilyn first makes it clear what she really thinks about him, saying that he couldn't possibly understand her thought process because he doesn't have a family. It's a gutting scene but it pales in comparison to the one between Joe and Leonard. Joe's hold on sanity or logic expired some time ago: he's been making sloppy, stupid choices that have only shined a greater spotlight on the Tobin family and now he's cut ties with the one man who had made it his life's mission to protect them.

Just what did he think that Leonard would do? Was he so foolish that he thought that the little monkey would just dance away back in the shadows and keep the family's secrets for them? But that's not in Leonard's nature; he's a survivor and a grifter at heart. Scorned by the Tobins, he makes a deal with Tom Shayes to save his own skin at the expense of the Tobins... but he also makes a fatal error that will have lasting consequences: he steals from Stuart Zedeck.

There's a nice parallel in this episode between two very different thefts, both of which will have some nasty repercussions for the parties involved, and between the actions of intermediaries. Ben's appearance at the charity to withdraw the secreted funds and his line about people making their attorneys do things rather than doing them themselves is clearly meant to echo Leonard Winstone's predicament (and also inadvertently allows the former Tobin family counsel access to the funds themselves). Meanwhile, Leonard and Albert's efforts to use the system that Zedeck set up in order to get Tom back some of his lost financial status--tantamount to theft itself--also nicely parallels the theft committed by Jill when she agrees to take Patty's money... and then turns around and spends it on Michael. Ouch. Something tells me that neither Stuart Zedeck nor Patty Hewes will take too kindly to people stealing from them.

Patty. This week, Patty's dreams about the beautiful horse continued as she fell asleep at the office and later experienced a waking dream on the streets of New York City when she glimpses a police horse. In both cases, the horse seems to calm her initially as she's struck by its beauty and majesty but there's a jarring sense of shock when Julian Decker turns up in both cases. In the dream in her office, Julian appears next to the horse as she watches through the ripped-up hole in her wall and he calls her Patricia. Later, she transposes Julian's face onto the mounted police officer. Julian is clearly on her mind but seems to represent something just out of reach.

A reader suggested a few weeks back that Julian was a figment of Patty's imagination, as the only person he interacted with was Patty... and it's not like any renovation work has actually been done at Patty's apartment since their "meeting." But while I don't think that Patty has created Julian out of whole cloth, I do think that he's a figure from her past, someone who meant something significant to her. Otherwise her reaction upon seeing his face on that policeman--leading her vomit--wouldn't be quite so violent.

It's interesting too that these manifestations should come on the heels of the knowledge that Michael is the father of Jill's baby. While Patty had doubts about the baby's parentage, Michael turns up at her office to tell her that the chromosomal test came back clean and the DNA proved that he was the father. He offers to send her a copy of the report and turns on his heel, but it's Patty's surprisingly vulnerable face--a crack in the wall--that's the true kicker of the scene. Her armor has fallen and here we see a woman who has realized that she has lost her child. The anguish she feels is palpable.

So it only makes sense that she would seek to bring Michael back to her the only way she knows how: by getting rid of Jill and breaking his heart. She agrees to meet Jill and pay her $300,000 to go away and never see Michael again, even though she is carrying his child. (Parallels here too between Jill and Michael and Danielle Marchetti and Joe Tobin.) But Jill's not going anywhere: she demands a cool $500,000 and then turns around and buys Michael a flashy ride and makes a down payment on an apartment. But all of this is on borrowed time: Patty is going to find out that Jill is still in the picture and come after her. And I don't think Jill wants to find out the full force of Patty's rage.

Ellen. I loved the scene between Ellen and Patty where she tells Patty that the reason that she didn't want to come back to work for her was that she wanted to make her own choices. While I thought that Patty might react negatively to that sentiment, she seems to respect Ellen all the more for it... as she does Ellen's decision to protect Tom and give him her loyalty rather than Patty. He did, as Ellen says, need it more than Patty at that point. I'm just thrilled to see these two back in the same room together again, with Ellen clearly willing to put aside the awful argument she had with Patty and focus on the case. Could it be that these two have gotten through their first spat as friends and come out the other side? I was also chuffed to see that Patty hasn't forgotten the promise she made to Ellen to find David's killer, to use her resources to put his murderer behind bars. Ellen might not work for Patty anymore but she clearly intends to honor that commitment to her former protege.

Josh Reston. I loved that it was Josh who is able to give Ellen and Patty a major break in the Tobin case, using his contact at the jail to learn that Leonard Winstone had bailed Albert Wiggins out of jail. It's a nice callback to the favor that Ellen did for Josh and a way to balance things out between them. His quick-thinking sends Ellen on a path of discovery, learning that the real Leonard Winstone died in a car accident just a few weeks after graduating law school and low-life grifter Lester Wiggins stole his identity and reinvented himself as a hot-shot lawyer, becoming the family counsel for the well-heeled Tobin clan. But the past always catches up to you and it's Albert who brings the house of cards tumbling down around his son's head.

Arthur Frobisher. I was wondering just how the Arthur Frobisher storyline would play into the overarching storyline this season and this week--even without Ted Danson's presence--it finally began to pay off three seasons of dangling plot threads as Terry Brooks told Patty that Frobisher had implied that he had someone killed and had hired a man--a cop--who would do anything. While Patty laughs off the implications and denies that Frobisher would be capable of murder, she quickly goes to see A.D.A. Gates and Ellen and leads to reopening of the investigation into David Connor's murder. Plus, they've now thisclose to connecting Frobisher to Rick Messer and Wes Krulik. While Messer is dead, it's Krulik who might finally provide some closure to this story. Ellen attempts to reach Wes but can't get a hold of him. But he's the key to finally putting Frobisher away for murder by proxy and laying David's spirit to rest.

The look of shock when Ellen sees the photograph of Messer and his former partner Wes is one that's hard to shake. Given that they were lovers, I am sure Ellen is wondering just if Wes knew anything about David's murder... while being unaware that he's the one that was (A) ordered to kill her and (B) shot and murdered his partner in order to protect Ellen. I'm just hoping that Ellen finally learns the truth about Detective Messer and David's death. With the end of the series possibly occurring next week, it's about time that some of these plotlines were dealt with.

Tom. Poor Tom's life is unraveling before his eyes. Having been forced to resign from the firm in light of his conflict of interest (which was disclosed to Patty by the judge), Tom has a row with Deb on the steps of their brownstone and she kicks him out. With nowhere to turn, he makes a deal with Leonard Winstone, offering him immunity from prosecution in exchange for information about the hidden Tobin fortune. And Leonard is able--thanks to some help from his crooked father (who assumes the identity of Stuart Zedeck)--to offer Tom a bag of cash as a sign of good faith.

Of course, we later learn that Tom himself engineered his entire resignation. Which didn't quite make sense to me while I was watching the episode. Why would Tom make himself unemployed when he's literally got no money and no prospects... in order to risk the chance that Leonard Winstone might talk to him? Especially as this entire affair plays out BEFORE they learn the truth about Winstone's identity and BEFORE Joe Tobin fires Leonard. Given that Leonard was antagonistic towards Patty and Tom, what made Tom think that this was a risk worth taking? Why would Leonard have sold out the Tobins at that point, given that Tom had no leverage over him? It was the odd misstep in an otherwise flawless episode but one that I couldn't put out of my head last night as I went to sleep. Odd.

And then there's the matter of the car, the one that ends up plowing right into Patty's vehicle. Tom is seen late at the office looking on Bing for... something. The search results pull up photographs of the car we saw smashing into Patty, including a shot of the Statue of Liberty bobblehead on the dashboard. But why is Tom researching cheap cars? Why does he in fact purchase it and register it to Leonard Winstone's apartment building? And how does it get from there, with the stolen funds, to the street where the accident occurs? And just who is driving it when it hits Patty? Curious.

While Ellen offers Tom a place to stay, he turns down her offer to instead sleep on the floor of one of the creepy lofts that Leonard owns in an otherwise empty building. Given from what we see from the future-set timeframe--now only Three. Days. Later.--Tom uses it as a makeshift office as well as a meeting place for his rendezvous with Leonard. I'm a little concerned by the presence of homeless man Barry after he sneaks into the loft and wakes Tom up, asking if he can stay there. While I don't think that Barry would hurt Tom--they seem to have something resembling an odd-couple friendship--the fact that he was able to get into the building and the loft so easily doesn't sit well with me.

Three Days Later. And then there are the jumbled flash of images from the future-set timeframe, now just three short days later, scenes that depict each of our protagonists in jeopardy, as Ben pulls a knife, Ellen is confronted by someone, Tom bashes the hell out of someone's face, Patty is involved in a collision, and someone jumps off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Just what does it all mean? I'm still convinced, as I have been since early on this season, that Tom is tortured--waterboarded--by Zedeck's men in an effort to discover just what he knows about the funds stolen from the charity (after all, Ben will learn that "Stuart Zedeck" showed up to collect some cash and Leonard's the only one who can connect all of the dots) and where the money is. The presence of the empty water bottles on the floor of the flat support this theory as does the presence of water in Tom's lungs without the accompanying waterlogged condition that his corpse should be in had he been drowned. Given that we've seen Ben with a knife, he ends up stabbing Tom, who is able to escape and who calls Deb on the pay phone.

As for the bridge incident, I'm convinced it's either Leonard Winstone (my thought a few weeks back) or Joe Tobin, who learns the truth about Tessa Marchetti and realizes that he's destroyed his entire family rather than saved them. And, like his father before him, he takes his own life rather than be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. In other words: it's the Fall of the House of Tobin.

But I still can't wrap my head around the car accident, however. Unless, Ben manages to find the bag of money, takes Tom's car, and then seeks to silence Patty as well. He orchestrates the accident and jumps out of the passenger side of the car after the impact. But why leave the money behind then? Hmmm...

What do you think of the above theories? Got some of your own? What do you think will happen in next week's season finale? Head to the comments section to share your thoughts.

Next week on the 90-minute season finale of Damages, the pieces of the puzzle finally come together as we learn the truth about what happened to Tom and Patty.


The soap star takes his last step on the dance floor, while Kate Gosselin somehow remains in the competition

LOCATION: The Dance Floor

THE SKINNY: They love her! They honestly L-O-V-E her. Kate Gosselin escapes elimination yet again. The fans pull her through despite having the lowest judges’ scores of the night. Somehow, somewhere fans want her to stick it to Jon and shake and shimmy her way to success. The people have spoken and because of their votes sudsy stud Aiden Turner waltzed off the DANCING WITH THE STARS competition. Well, at least we don’t have to see him purging in the trash bin again.

The show itself was, eh…so-so. Not exactly a nail biter. I don’t know why this Macy’s Stars of Dance thing always irks me but it does. I know the dancers are talented and I know it’s a great time killer but anything that’s name includes a retailer in front of it that has absolutely nothing to do with what they are promoting really throws me off, ie. The Staples Center. I mean, just how much office equipment from Staples does the Staples Center have in it? And what does that have to do with your random sports event or rock concert? The Macy’s Stars of Dance has had its day in this season of change, so let's do away with that and do more stuff with the actual contestants and pros on the show.


The Encore: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood dancing The Rumba.

The Weakest Moment: I know she has mountains of fans and I get that she can sing, but Sade has never been someone I want to listen to whine and wiggle on stage; not in the ‘80s and not now. So with all due respect, whether Sade is making a big comeback or has never been out of the music spotlight I wouldn’t know. I just don’t care.

The Best Moment: The funny movie themed promos for next week’s dances. Cha Cha Blanca, Tuesday the 13th and Glambo: First Dance - very creative. I have to admit my curiosity is brewing. I can’t wait to see how they'll pull this off.

Who Got The Boot: The barfing Brit Aiden Turner, with just one point higher than Gosselin, couldn’t get the fan support he needed.

Now with Kate there’s just eight! Evan, Chad, Jake, Niecy, Pam, Erin, Nicole and Kate…let’s go! Bring the life back into DWTS! So far the show this season is in desperate need of some excitement! Step it up!


Lee Dewyze and Siobhan Magnus, however, are the best of the bunch

As we know there was much drama was dripping after last week’s shocking save of Michael Lynche on the world’s greatest karaoke competition, AMERICAN IDOL.

The interesting thing is that Lynche up until last week seemed like a front runner to at least make it into the Top-5 but after last week … anything goes. So after the judges save him and rightly so, we will be losing two contestants this week.
This week is also even more interesting because last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert was this week's mentor, so I guess AI is trying to make it back in the headlines again. Seriously, you have a mentor with what a year of experience under his belt? Yeah, he was popular and yeah he has an album out, but that’s it. After having such big names so far it seems weird to have him here. Unless … it’s for ratings which may indeed be the reason.
A third thing that’s interesting is that it is Elvis week … and that means either it will rock or it will crash and burn.
So let’s rock the jailhouse, treat me like a houndog, check into the Heartbreak Hotel, give us some Money Honey, Love Me Tender while looking at a Blue Moon and getting All Shook Up and get this “Thank You, Thank You very Much” party started.
Crystal Bowersox
Song: “Save”
What Peter Says: Not sure if it even matters what Crystal sings or how she does it at this point because Snaggletooth is the judges’ favorite for sure. This was definitely one of her better efforts, but again, why not just give her the crown and it will save me a lot of time and energy in writing this review. I think she’s fine, she’s not a bad singer and finally she did something different, but really she is a one trick pony, she sings the same type of song over and over again. If the judges didn’t like her they would be all over her for not being different enough.
What the Judges Said: Randy thought it was the second coming of Bonnie Rait. Ellen doesn’t give any critique. Kara thought she chose a good song and had a good arrangement. Simon creams all over her as well.
Crystal’s Grade: B
Ellen’s Grade: D – Nothing here.

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Andrew Garcia
Song: “Hound Dog”
What Peter Says: Unlike Crystal, the judges absolutely hate Andrew. They can’t wait to get rid of him and rub it in his face every week. Andrew is quirky and different and that’s part of the reason I like him. While the jazz version of “Hound Dog” was different, not sure if it will save him from going because of the judges continual lambasting of the dude. I also didn’t like it enough that it would have me vote for him (if I voted).
What the Judges Said: Randy thought it was bad karaoke, he didn’t get it at all. Ellen said she wishes that he put more swagger in on it and he pulled it off. Kara said that the mic was his crutch and didn’t own the performance, but she wanted to feel more from the performance. Simon thought it was lazy and predictable and compared it to a bad musical.
Andrew’s Grade: C
Ellen’s Grade: B – She went against what Randy said and the rest said and defended herself.

Tim Urban
Song: “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”
What Peter Says: Tim Urban is like Sanjaya minus the totally hot, funbag aplenty sister. He just won’t go away. I’m sick of his raggedy hair and puppy dog eyes. I know you tweens totally love him and will cream all over yourselves (yes, that’s the second time I’ve used that phrase) for this song, but I was bored to tears and nearly had a nap.
What the Judges Said: Randy liked it. Ellen said that she really enjoyed it but after taking loads of tequila shots … so not sure if she liked it or not. Kara thought it was her favorite Tim performance ever and called him current. Simon said Tim has gone from zero to hero in two weeks. Not sure why they are all over Tim maybe they think they can keep him in and get ratings.
Tim’s Grade: C
Ellen’s Grade: B – She was funny and sort of gave him a dig while not really.

Lee Dewyze
Song: “Little Less Conversation”
What Peter Says: I think Lee once again cemented himself as the dude to beat in the competition. He will be hard to beat regardless of who you are and who will be up against him whether it is a chick or otherwise. This was simply a hot performance.
What the Judges Said: Randy said he was in the zone and a great performance. Ellen said that he made it current and sound like a brand new song. She also liked his confidence. Kara said the vocal was fire but then wants him to be playful. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what the hell she’s thinking or smoking or both. Simon said the song was on the money.
Lee’s Grade: B+
Ellen’s Grade: B – Another solid critique and talking about him and the song.

Aaron Kelly
Song: “Blue Suede Shoes”
What Peter Says: Aaron can’t feel good about being in the bottom three last week and now he’s singing a song he thinks is wrong for him? Bad idea, kid. And I agree, this totally doesn’t play to his strengths. Talk about bad karaoke. If they hated Andrew when he did something different with the song and made it jazzy. They gotta hate this because it is a carbon copy (a bad one) of the original. Sorry, dude, but you may be back in the bottom this week.
What the Judges Said: Randy didn’t like it at first, but then thought the blues parts was OK. Ellen thought it was a big song to take on but didn’t think he got all the way there. Kara likes that he was out of his comfort zone and came across younger. It felt more current and she liked that. Simon thought it did the opposite and it was old fashioned. He then thought it was someone at a high school doing a concert at the end. He also said it was very karaoke.
Aaron’s Grade: D
Ellen’s Grade: C+ - Well, I think she wanted to say something bad, but didn’t because she likes Aaron. But at least gave him the “it wasn’t all the way there” at the end.

Siobhan Magnus
Song: “Suspicious Minds”
What Peter Says: Siobhan once again going with the huge hair and nearly matching Lambert’s own hair style. This was yet another side of the quirky girl that I’ve picked to win the whole thing. She was slow at first and heated it up at the end and blew the lid off the place. This is the singer that we all got to know in the first few weeks of the competition. She was rocking it tonight.
What the Judges Said: Randy took some risks and kinda like it and heard the big vocals and said that girl can sing. At least Randy likes her. Ellen thought she liked the first half against the second half of the song and she liked it a lot. Kara is confused because she is hearing two voices from her. Well maybe that’s because you keep telling her (along with Simon) that she shouldn’t be freaking screaming the whole time. What the hell? Simon said she was put in a time machine and she went back in time 20 years. He hated the first part of the song and then she didn’t hit the notes. God damn. First you want her to tone down what she’s doing in terms of belting it out. Then you tell her she isn’t doing it enough? Hypocrisy!
Siobhan’s Grade: B+ - F*** the judges, I liked it.
Ellen’s Grade: B- - She was honest in saying she liked the second half better and liked it overall.

I gotta mention this in-between performances. Is that the first time that Seacrest has ever mentioned “The Dunk” Brian Dunkleman after Season One? I miss The Dunk.
Michael Lynche
Song: “In the Ghetto”
What Peter Says: I feel bad for Michael because like many people it seemed like he was blindsided by the American public last week. He was never in the bottom then nearly goes home? Ouch. Not sure why either when you have far inferior competitors left. But that doesn’t mean they vote purely on talent regardless of what the judges always call a singing competition. My main problem with this song, I can’t get past Cartman on SOUTH PARK singing it. I liked it, but it was a bit nap-inducing, which may be my new favorite phrase.
What the Judges Said: Judges are running out of time so they are doing quick hits. Randy thought it was sleepy, but the vocals are hot. Ellen says she is glad they saved him. Kara said he sang it well. Simon thought it was terrific choice and million times better than last week.
Michael’s Grade: B
Ellen’s Grade: B – Short and sweet since she was trying to be short and sweet due to time constraints.

Katie Stevens
Song: “Baby, What You Want Me To Do?
What Peter Says: Not sure why the One-Tone Pony is still in the competition. She never changes her vocal style – ever. Loud or soft her voice just doesn’t seem to move outside of that one tone. And that’s the most annoying thing about Katie because she does have the look and her voice seems to be strong, but damn I wish she could actually change it up once a while. Meh, it was a Katie Stevens song.
What the Judges Said: Randy thought it was nice vocals and he was entertained. Ellen said it was a very horny song, a lot of horns in it. Kara said she showed us judges. Simon thought it was loud and annoying.
Katie’s Grade: C
Ellen’s Grade: B+ - Probably one of her funniest lines of the season.

Casey James
Song: “Laudy Miss Claudy”
What Peter Says: Casey has been hitting all the right strides the last few weeks with his just rocking it out and damning the consequences – probably a good strategy given the competition has been wrought with ballads. Tonight was no different as he made the blues song more today’s rock. However, I will say this … I think much like Crystal, he’s beginning to be more of a one trick pony where that’s all he can do. Which may come back to haunt him in the long run.
What the Judges Said: Randy didn’t see anything different but a solid performances. Ellen loved his voice but wasn’t as exciting as she would have liked. Kara thought that it fell short for him. Simon called it a forgettable song but the vocal was good.
Casey’s Grade: C+
Ellen’s Grade: C+ - She was short on time and gave him a pretty good short critique.

So with two people going home this week? Who will be the ones going home? Here are my predictions: Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly. I think Tim Urban has overtaken Aaron’s lead in the tween department. I think Katie did enough to save herself and Michael should not be going home, if he is, it is a mistake.
The biggest question however might be … was Seacrest high this week? He was all over the place.