Dec 19, 2011

‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York,’ Season 2, Episode 4, ‘True Colors’: TV Recap

Uh oh. The show has dragged me in. This episode was entertaining both in a car crash fascination kind of way, Jersey Housewives looking for Chanel in Italy type thing. Also, it was full of people misunderstanding and forgiving if you like that sort of thing.

Scott decides to discover his Judaism, and Kourtney mocks him. Kim alienates her best friend Jonathan, egged on by her mom, when she thinks he’s writing a tell-all about her. Kris has a party while the girls are away, but the scandal is dwarfed by bigger events like Religion and Betrayal.

Mason saying hello to God makes Scott think he should rediscover his Judaism.

Kim and Khloe and Kardashian are going to LA to work on their collection. The boys are staying home in NY. Kris says he might have some friends over and Kourtney says no! No people around Mason’s toys!

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Kris Jenner, mommy Kardashian, calls Kim to say her best friend Jonathan is writing a book about her.

Kourtney encourages Kim to have dinner with Jonathan and not bring it up, just ask him what plans he has, and if he doesn’t mention it, it would be shady.

Kim does that and she gets mad when he doesn’t tell her about the book. She wails on him and he doesn’t get a word in, and she leaves.

Kim comes home and tells everyone what happened. It’s a few minutes of how she feels she can’t trust anyone. Cry me a river.

Scott talks to a Rabbi at a kosher restaurant. Over matzoh ball soup, he invites Scott to a learner’s service in Freeport.

In LA, Kim whines to her mother, who says she could sue Jonathan.

Scott goes to synagogue. His yarmulke keeps falling off.

Boring and loud segment of the girls greeting fans in LA as they launch their collecton.

In NY, Kris throws a party. Seriously, it’s like the parents have gone away and they’re having a party. “We’re out of cups, does someone want to drink out of Mason’s baby cup?” he asks. And suddenly Kourtney’s controllingness about how nobody can be around Mason’s toys doesn’t look so controlling.

Scott comes home and is really annoyed.

Kim in LA talks to her mother, who says she just forwarded the proposal for the book and she should read it. OK, so we know now it’s a proposal and not a book. It was called “Make Me An It Girl.” It’s a how-to book which is really flattering to Kim.

And now she’s sorry she went off on him. “What am I supposed to do when someone tells me it’s a tell all?” she says to Kourtney, to justify herself (she could have just talked to him) . “I feel really bad,” she says. And her mother should feel bad for stirring that up, not knowing a real thing about anything and talking lawyers and how awful Jonathan was. “She’s a plotka maker,” says my Mom (Hey Scott: that is Yiddish for “troublemaker”). Jonathan won’t talk to her on the phone. Good for him.

The girls are eagle-eyed. When they come home, Kourtney says “Why do you guys have four bottles of vodka over there?” “What an amateur,” Scott tells the camera.

And oh! Nasty pictures! Kim’s friend has sent her terrible pics from the party!

And now they ask Scott if there was a party. He pretends he threw the party. “I had some work friends over, they brought their wives.” He says “It was totally kosher,” and Kim says “kosher? I don’t know what that means,” which in this context, is hovering on antisemitic but it’s just “Mean Girl” stuff. Could “How to Be a Mean Girl” be the next book up?

Kim talks to Kris about Scott’s sin. He is always smiling in a guilty way. But the way Kris responds Kim looks really on to him.

So Kris owns up to it. And there’s a big family hoo-ha.

Scott talks to Kourtney more about his Judaism. She says “There is no way that Scott is going to risk messing up his hair and wearing his yarmulke.”

Kim knocks on Jonathan’s door. How does she know he’s even there?

He calls her on how she didn’t just ask him, but played this weird game as a test. He doesn’t accept her apology.

Kim talks to Kris and she’s so upset about Jonathan that she’s not even that angry with him anymore. He suggests she read his book and write a good review or forward or blurb.

It worked, Jonathan shows up at the door with a big smile. Kris sent Jonathan the forward.

It is nice to see them smile at each other because even though he was right to be mad aw heck I’m a softie.

And Scott, in his velvet blazer, is trying to put on a Shabbat dinner, while Kourtney looks on wondering “Do you know how to set a table?” He says a tablecloth is part of the tradition. Um, yeah, it’s not.

Then he suddenly says he’s like the worst Jew ever and doesn’t know what he’s doing. “I don’t want to do this,” he says and stalks off, leaving tons of full shopping bags, and candlesticks half full.

But Kourtney is sympathetic, saying he seems so vulnerable. He says her questions have made him feel worse, and she admits she’s been giving him a hard time but now she thinks it’s great. And she says we’ll have a nice dinner and she will help.

“Shabbat Shalom,” he says to Jonathan who it seems is also Jewish.

They all say l’chaim and drink some wine. Jonathan joked about Manischevitz, but it wasn’t, because the bottle was round and everybody knows Manischevitsz comes in square bottles.

Darn. Now I’m involved.

What did you think? Is the Jewish renewal a phase? Will Jonathan ever write his book? Can Kris Jenner ever, ever keep her mouth shut? Leave your thoughts in the comments.