Mar 13, 2012

Watch Survivor Season 24 Episode 5: Episode 5 Online

Airing Date: March 14, 2012

Survivor is the reality television series that only has one rule, and that is for you to know the strategies on how to outwit, outlast and outplay the other contestants so that you will be able to get the title of being this season’s “Sole and Ultimate” Survivor. Watch Survivor Season 24 Episode 5 online and see how they do it. The series also airs every Wednesday nights at 8PM here.

Survivor Season 4 Episode 5 is scheduled to air on March 14, 2012, but before you can actually get a glimpse on the series of events that will happen next week, let us first go back to the events that arose in the previous episode of the show. Last week on the reality series, an unforgivable betrayal rocked one of the tribe and it forced its members to make a drastic move. That was really a disturbing move that they made there.

The men returned from the latest Tribal council with Tarzan thinking that his alliance is still solid and intact. He suggested that their next target should be Bill. Moreover, the two tribes met for the Immunity Challenge. Manono for this week’s immunity challenge and because of that, Alicia was blamed for Salani’s loss after being unable to complete their puzzle and they just laughed it off. Meanwhile, back in the Manono tribe, Bill tried to open a discussion with Colton and open things with him, but Colton thinks it is not needed anymore and he doesn’t want to talk to him about anything. Instead, Colton came up with the idea to give up their tribe immunity and got o the Tribal Council to vote out the guy he doesn’t like. How selfish was that? Find out what happens next when you watch Survivor Season 24 Episode 5 online free next week here.

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