Mar 13, 2012

Watch American Idol Season 11 Episode 20 Online

Airing Date: March 15, 2012

This week, the group round and individual performances amazed the judges and the viewers as well as the live audiences because they weren’t expecting the contestants to be that great when it comes to performing on stage. The final battle just started about a week ago, but the contestants seemed to be all professional singers when they already start performing and singing on stage in front of so many people and in front of the camera. Watch American Idol Season 11 Episode 20 online and see how they have improved from their previous performances, especially during the audition period.

In the previous episode, the Idol “Bug” claimed more victims that caused them to faint on stage. However, the ones that are feeling at their top game performed and outshined them all. In the next round, they are all going to Vegas for those who have made it through. Try to check on the difference on their performance in Vegas and in the previous venue as you watch American Idol Season 11 Episode 20 online free on its airing schedule on March 15, 2012 here. This is also expected to be a very sad episode because another contestant is going to say goodbye as he or she ends his or her journey in American Idol competition. Who would it be? You need to find out!

One singer will be cut from the competition during the results episode in American Idol Season 11 Episode 20. In this episode, American Idol finalists are going to be in Vegas. Amid the glitz and glamour, and all those Elvis impersonations, some of the toughest cuts so far will take place in America’s playground, where 70 contestants used to be whittled down to 42. So see who stays in the competition.

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