Feb 16, 2012

Watch House Season 8 Episode 14: Love is Blind

Airing Date: February 27, 2012

The famous description that most people give when they are asked to define love is the phrase “Love is Blind“. Are you wondering why this statement already becomes obsolete? It is not because they can’t think of any description anymore, but the fact that this is really the true meaning of love because once you fall in love, you already forget about the negative side of a person. You tend to get blinded by what other people say about your love because all you know is the fact that you have fallen in love and no one can stop you from feeling that way. Love is definitely powerful because it causes a particular person become blinded.

Anyway, talking about the phrase “Love is Blind”, this is exactly the episode title that you will encounter when you watch House Season 8 Episode 14 online. The upcoming episode is scheduled to air on February 27, 2012 and you can also watch it here. In the meantime, before I divulge to you what will happen in this episode of the hit medical drama television show, let us first refresh our minds into the events of last week’s episode of the TV series.

Last week, while the whole team was busy treating a marriage counselor whose personality seems at odd with his motivational message, House also did a foolish thing when he and his green-card wife Dominika tried to fool the Immigration. They tried to fool the immigration officials that they are a happily married couple. When he left, of course, he cannot leave the team alone so he decided to name a new team leader while he was gone.

Next week, when you watch House Season 8 Episode 14 online free, House and the team will treat a young blind man and while they are doing that, House’s mother Blythe will tell her son about her newfound relationship. How do you think Dr. House will react? Find out!