Aug 2, 2012

Watch Californication Online for Lots of Love and Sex

The genre of Californication is comedy drama, but it gives a shade of love more than anything. Viewers are aware of Hank Moody and the mishaps happened to him, including the case of writer’s block and his girlfriend leaving him. He finds it difficult to say ‘no’ to sex, drugs and alcohol. He tries hard to show his family that he is very responsible. His struggle to be a good partner and parent compel viewers to watch Californication online.
The show is quite appealing and realistic. However, the sexual element in the show bothers many conservatives. In the first season, he had sex with a 16-year-old girl Mia, and he later finds out that she is Bill’s daughter, with whom his girlfriend Karen is going to marry. Mia harasses Hank and blackmails him that she will expose about him having illegal sex. This was an interesting twist and many viewers loved to watch Californication to catch this twist.
Moreover, Charlie played by Evan Handler loses his job, because of masturbating in the office many times. Later, he joins the porn industry and instigates an affair with porn star Daisy. Such things are candidly portrayed in the show, which are responsible for bounding it in many controversies. However, these are the things which work like a magnet to pull the attention of viewers. Their craziness boosts the viewers immensely and they gather in hordes to watch Californication online.
In the third season, in his dream, Hank finds himself heavily drunk, conversing to women who slept with him. They were naked and swimming around him. Such scenes occur very often, showing females’ nude frontal shots. This show has also been criticized by Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, because of its pilot dream scene in which a nun saw herself having oral sex with Hank Moody in the church! You can watch Californication to see the obscenity of that scene.
Moreover, Jim Wallace, the managing director of Australian Christian Lobby also shuns himself from Network Ten and from all the advertisers who advertise between the timing of the show. This was done because of the scene in which Hank had sex with Sonja after smoking marijuana. They both vomit subsequently. Many indecent scenes appear one after another, which put the show under high criticism. However, many viewers were not concerned about too much obscenity and they used to watch Californication online.
When the second season was premiered, Christian fundamentalist group Salt Shakers started an email campaign, in which they advised the advertisers to quit advertising during the show. Their campaign resulted in backing up of 49 companies including Just Car Insurance, which was the main sponsor. Although it came as a shock for the show, the love of viewers didn’t see any fall. They still love to watch Californication as they used to earlier.