Jul 26, 2012

Watch Weeds Season 8 Episode 5: Red in Tooth and Claw

AIRING DATE: July 29, 2012
Drug dealing mommy. That is Nancy Botwin. In order to earn a living and in order to provide for the needs of her children, she’ll find a way just to stand as the mother of the family. She is a pot dealer who is just trying to do good for her family although she constantly puts them in danger as she does not think about the consequences of her actions. Although after she stops selling marijuana because she marries Esteban, a corrupt mayor of Mexico, her friends and her family members begin to sell weed to make money as well and she is very disappointed. Although her sons look up to her, by marrying Esteban, her family begins to fall apart. But the tale continues at the eight season. See the forthcoming episode, watch Weeds Season 8 Episode 5 online.
Because of her decision making, Nancy Botwin’s family is always somehow in danger or are involved in illegal activities to make money so it therefore can have a positive and or negative effect. That’s why Weeds appeals to a large audience because it has a strong female protagonist but does not display radical feminism. Nancy is a widow and therefore is not challenging patriarchal society by choosing work over taking care of the household. In most episodes, there are many things going on around the Botwin house that Nancy is blissfully unaware of. Appliances are broken, her kids refer to her by her first name and her house-keeper refuses to keep house. Instead of challenging patriarchy, Weeds confronts the ongoing social construction of gender. Nancy’s identity is not constructed in the same way most women on television are but she still maintains the core elements expected of a woman. The show’s appeal is derived from the audience’s ability to relate Nancy’s character to what they believe is the norm. This show’s popularity comes from the fact that Nancy is not the kind of person that audiences would expect to see from a California pot dealer. Hence, you’ve got to keep track of the episodes, watch Weeds Season 8 Episode 5: Red in Tooth and Claw online.