Jul 31, 2012

Supernatural – Season 8 – Casting News – DJ Qualls Returning

While promoting his new show on FX, Legit, at the TCA Summer Press Tour, Qualls confirmed he’ll be heading back to Vancouver in a few weeks for another adventure as supernatural hunter, Garth Fitzgerald IV.
“I’ll go back to Supernatural in a couple of weeks. It’s one of my favorite shows to moonlight on. Jared Padalecki is a really good buddy of mine and also they wrote the part for me. ”
And that’s kind of an honor when somebody calls you and says, Hey, we wrote this for you. You probably are not going to do it. I read it and I said, No, this is funny and I’d love to do it. And I’m having a great time.
The fans on that show are insane. I did one [a convention] in Birmingham, England. And literally people would just line up and hug you and cry. And it’s like, I am so boring in real life. This is really flattering, but you should see me ten minutes before I got here. I was like a wreck. They love it. 
Legit is a new FX comedy starring Australian comic Jim Jefferies, Dan Bakkedahl and DJ Qualls. Legit will be on the FX schedule in January of 2013.
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DJ Qualls Returning