Jul 19, 2012

Bones – Season 7 – DVD & Blu-Ray Announced

071912 1143 BonesSeason1 Bones   Season 7   DVD & Blu Ray 
The 7th season of “Bones” has been officially announced for DVD and Blu-Ray release on October 9, 2012. The DVD, consisting of 4 discs, is priced at $59.98, while the Blu-Ray, consisting of 3 discs, is priced at $69.99. The subtitles on these sets are in English, French and Spanish. The bonus features include:

- Audio Commentary on “The Past in the Present”
- Creating “The Suit on the Set”
- Bone of Contention: On the Red Carpet
- Deleted Scene from “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”
- Deleted Scene from “The Past in the Present”
- Gag Reel