Apr 23, 2012

Watch Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10: After Action Report

AIRING DATE: April 29, 2012
Army Wives. What do we have in this series? We got in here the story of four women and one man who are brought together by their common bond- they all have enlisted spouses. One of the most commonly asked questions a spouse of a deployed soldier gets is “How do you do it.” Then it’s usually followed by something along the lines of “I would go crazy, I freak out if my husband is gone for even one night.” But it’s different in the case of army Wives. It is about a woman who marries a soldier and moves her family onto an Army base, where she becomes friends with other women whose husbands are in the military. Get the whole story about these women, watch Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10 online right here.
You just know that being separated from your spouse is never easy, even if you have been through a deployment before. Military life is a constant circle of readjustment. Each time your soldier is gone you grow, and they grow. So basically you become changed people while apart. What you do is not an easy job and you should give yourself credit where credit is due. I know you always hear people thanking your soldier for their service, well here is a big thank you for the spouses too. That’s where it gets tough, because it’s not the same for everyone. And it’s not the same every time that they are gone either. Hold on for a moment, you’ve got to know about Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10, it will be about Denise worrying about Frank when he returns restless from Africa; Jackie is overwhelmed with her Army duties; Roxy and Trevor give financial help to Gloria and Hector; Roland and Joan invite Charlie and Nicole over for dinner. See for this, watch Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10: After Action Report online.
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