Mar 10, 2012

Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 11: We Are Family

Airing Date: March 15, 2012

What I like about the Jersey Shore boys and girls is the fact that they treat each and every housemate as part of their family despite of all the conflicts, arguments, and fights they undergo every week. I know most of you are already pissed off with all the dramas and conflicts they get involved in every week, but despite of all that, we cannot deny the fact that we still love these people and there is no way for us to let go of them that easy. So when it was announced that the show and the Macaroni Rascals are going to say goodbye next week, many viewers and fans of the reality series were really disheartened. Join the Macaroni Rascals in their last days of stay in Seaside Heights, New Jersey when you watch Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 11 online on March 15, 2012 here .

This is going to be the end of another summer in Seaside Heights and if some of the cast are glad that the show will finally end now, some were also sad that they are not going to see each other for a few weeks or months. During this fifth season finale, however, Hurricane Irene batters the East coast. In the meantime, as the gang finally prepares to leave their summer home, Mike continued to cause trouble by starting a rumor about Deena’s sister. Looks like Mike can’t really help himself but to mess with other people’s lives even up to the last minute of their stay in Seaside Heights. In the meantime, it was not just Mike who’s planning on something because even Pauly D and Vinny is going to pull one more prank on the roommates. This is going to be a terrific end s you’d better not miss to watch Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 11 online free. Be there!
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